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Friday, December 18, 2009

The rugs are gone….

….. I took them up.  They aren’t needed now.

It just got too much for Ari and when he collapsed 3 feet from where he sleeps last night and looked at me, I knew. He had hung on way longer than I thought he could and what a great end of summer and fall we had.  It really is hard to believe that three weeks ago he went along to training.  

This afternoon, Marilyn talked to him and confirmed what I thought.  Last night spirits came to help him cross but he wanted to be with me when he left so he hung on until this afternoon.  I know now why in the middle of the night Olivia and Kobie had disappeared from the living room and Joshua was thrashing in his cage

Great Lakes Vet Clinic now has a special room with couches and dog blankets where you can say goodbye in private.  It is very peaceful and calming.  I brought Ari home and will lay him to rest tomorrow next to Teddy in the spot I prepared for him.


Arsenal vom Keashaborn (Ari)
(April 21, 1999 – December 18, 2009)
CGC, Therapy Dog, BH, TR1, RN

I think when someone’s pet dies we all can relate and memories return of a special friend that we may have lost.  The sheer number of EMAIL MESSAGES, posts on FACEBOOK and a MESSAGE BOARD, entries in the GUEST BOOK at critters.com and phone calls have humbled me.  Please also read what a very good friend wrote on her blog.  Thank you all for your compassion and caring at this special time of the year. 

~~~ Laurel

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