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Friday, April 15, 2011

Anxiety Wrap…

…passed down from generation to generation….  huh?   what’s that??  Let me first say…  I don’t sell Anxiety Wraps – although maybe I should.  Here’s the website:  https://anxietywrap.com/default.aspx   and here’s what it says….

A Therapeutic Hug …..The Anxiety Wrap uses Maintained Pressure and Acupressure to relieve stress and end/lessen fears and anxieties in dogs. Created in 2001, it was the first of its kind on the market and invented the category of Pressure Wraps.  The Anxiety Wrap mainly alleviates/lessens five major conditions:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Hyperactivity
  • Insecurity
  • Shyness

These conditions are the root of many unwanted behaviors in dogs. And because The Anxiety Wrap can alleviate/lessen the basic, core condition, there are many unwanted behaviors that can end or lessen such as:

Thunderstorm fear …. Leash pulling …. Separation anxiety …. Fear of other dogs …. Constant barking …. Fear of people …. Unwanted jumping …. Travel anxiety …. Other noise phobias …. Fireworks fear …. Whining …. Hyperactivity …. Nervousness …. Car sickness …. Destructive chewing

So anyway..  you can read about it…  First I bought it for Josephine for thunderstorm phobia..  sort of helped…  I have no photos online because that was BD (before digital). 

Next was Teddy.  He had hip surgery and wouldn’t wear a cone.  Well actually he would but then wouldn’t move a muscle.  If he was sitting when I put the cone on him, 2 hours later he was sitting in the same place.  Hmm …  the anxiety wrap… would cover most of his hip but not all so we had to add some scarves…  pretty snazzy, huh?


And then there was Ari…  I really can’t remember why he has both the Anxiety Wrap and a cone on in this picture but it sure was a photo opportunity.  He did not care what he had on… it was all about fun!


So now…  Jake has been scratching himself…  is it a habit, anxiety, who knows…  Last night I hunted down the tried and true Anxiety Wrap and it just immediately had an affect on him and there was no more scratching…  He slept in it and I don’t think he moved off of the bed at all and when he did I pulled it off of him and he seemed oh… so glad.  So far, the scratching has not returned but the second it does… on comes the wrap… and then I’ll get a photo of him also!! 

2012-04-17 03.10.02

PS..  I would like to add that the first few times I put it on him he ran to my bedroom and buried his head under my pillow.  He obviously didn’t like it and if ever I saw a dog exhibit embarrassment, this was it. He was down right humiliated having to wear something like that!  I discovered that the trick is to put it on him while he is waiting to be fed…  Isn’t it amazing how food comforts even dogs! 


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