Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Do I really need another dog??

I remember the day when Joanna emailed me and asked if I had ever seen a
Shiloh Shepherd. No… I hadn’t. That afternoon I was at Great Lakes Vet and was reading a magazine waiting my turn. Lo and behold.. the centerfold was a Shiloh…not one but many. Oh… bigger long haired German Shepherd look-a-likes.
Later that day she sent me an email with a picture of Kobie and it was love at first sight. I contacted the owner who was placing her because she was jumping their 3 foot fence and going to a park across the road to play with the kids. Because she is a mostly black (I later came to know what a bi-color is… black with tan feet), she was pretty scary to people. Little did they know, she was a year old pup just looking for some fun. The owner was used to smaller dogs such as shelties and was planning to put up a higher fence for her but unfortunately, the city of St. Charles IL had other ideas of what height he could put up…. and it wasn’t 4 feet!

So several days later, the owner drove Kobie to my house to meet me and the rest of the pack.  One at a time we introduced them and there were no problems.  Kobie is a peace maker and it was evident that day that she was going to fit into the group.  At that time Josephine was with us, as was Ari, Teddy and Olivia.  I had 3 acres with an array of feIMG_4286nces and separate yards so it was no problem having her join the family.   

After visiting for several hours, her owner said: “Well, I think Kobie has a home”.  He was a very concerned owner and had taken her several places before but left with her not feeling good about that situation.  Some people would have kenneled her outside and that was not acceptable for him and another was liked the fact that she was black and that would be better for a guard dog.  Little did they all know what a peace maker Kobie was and that I would call her my guardian ange


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