Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bath Time ....

So I gave Olivia a bath today and thought back over the years…. when I had:
  • one dog - Josephine - there were monthly trips to the groomer.
  • two dogs - Josephine and Ari - trips to groomer were every 2 months.
  • three dogs - Josephine, Ari and Teddy - I bought a grooming table and hand hose to attach to  shower head.
  • four dogs - Josephine, Ari, Teddy and Olivia - I bought a super duper 4 hp blower for $300 and it was the best investment I could make to groom the dogs.
  • five dogs - Josephine, Ari Teddy, Olivia and Kobie - I bought double arms for the grooming table.
  • five dogs - Ari, Teddy, Olivia, Kobie and Tori - I started if possible, only blowing dogs coats outside (4 long coats).
  • five dogs - Ari, Teddy, Olivia, Kobie and Brita - I thought to myself - don't short coated dogs blow less coat?
  • four dogs - Olivia, Kobie, Brita and Jake - I decided baths were only given outside when the weather is warm with a hose.
  • three dogs (now) - Olivia, Brita and Jake - I decided that Olivia gets the warm tub bath and the others really have no idea what a bath even is... hose yes... bath no...

If the dogs could talk I'm sure this is what they would have said about grooming:
  • Josephine - "I'm going to be beautiful, right? Could I have the PINK scarf around my neck?"
  • Ari - "yeah, whatever - hurry it up… and don’t even TRY to cut my nails."
  • Teddy - "If this is what you want me to do, I'll do it for YOU - but you can't make me like it."
  • Olivia - "I’m going to die here, I just know it."
  • Kobie - "Put me in that tub again and you'll be REALLY sorry! I don't care if you string me up on 2 sides of the grooming table, I'll still be able to swing around so you can't blow ME dry!"
  • Tori - "I looovvvve the attention - take note you other guys... she likes ME best!"
  • Brita - "Oh come on - do I really have to???   I'm here to work, not be a beauty queen"
  • Jake - "OMG, OMG, OMG - this is SO much fun... spray me more with the hose and I'll catch the water!"
Jake's preferred way to bathe.....


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tail shots 2010-2012

Some things may not change!!   Maybe I'll take a “Jake tail shot” each year!!

Jake 2010 Annual Tail Shot

Jake 2011 Annual Tail Shot

Jake 2012 Annual Tail Shot

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