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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bath Time ....

So I gave Olivia a bath today and thought back over the years…. when I had:
  • one dog - Josephine - there were monthly trips to the groomer.
  • two dogs - Josephine and Ari - trips to groomer were every 2 months.
  • three dogs - Josephine, Ari and Teddy - I bought a grooming table and hand hose to attach to  shower head.
  • four dogs - Josephine, Ari, Teddy and Olivia - I bought a super duper 4 hp blower for $300 and it was the best investment I could make to groom the dogs.
  • five dogs - Josephine, Ari Teddy, Olivia and Kobie - I bought double arms for the grooming table.
  • five dogs - Ari, Teddy, Olivia, Kobie and Tori - I started if possible, only blowing dogs coats outside (4 long coats).
  • five dogs - Ari, Teddy, Olivia, Kobie and Brita - I thought to myself - don't short coated dogs blow less coat?
  • four dogs - Olivia, Kobie, Brita and Jake - I decided baths were only given outside when the weather is warm with a hose.
  • three dogs (now) - Olivia, Brita and Jake - I decided that Olivia gets the warm tub bath and the others really have no idea what a bath even is... hose yes... bath no...

If the dogs could talk I'm sure this is what they would have said about grooming:
  • Josephine - "I'm going to be beautiful, right? Could I have the PINK scarf around my neck?"
  • Ari - "yeah, whatever - hurry it up… and don’t even TRY to cut my nails."
  • Teddy - "If this is what you want me to do, I'll do it for YOU - but you can't make me like it."
  • Olivia - "I’m going to die here, I just know it."
  • Kobie - "Put me in that tub again and you'll be REALLY sorry! I don't care if you string me up on 2 sides of the grooming table, I'll still be able to swing around so you can't blow ME dry!"
  • Tori - "I looovvvve the attention - take note you other guys... she likes ME best!"
  • Brita - "Oh come on - do I really have to???   I'm here to work, not be a beauty queen"
  • Jake - "OMG, OMG, OMG - this is SO much fun... spray me more with the hose and I'll catch the water!"
Jake's preferred way to bathe.....


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tail shot 2012

Some things may not change!!   Maybe I'll take a “Jake tail shot” each year!!

Jake 2010 Annual Tail Shot

Jake 2011 Annual Tail Shot

Jake 2012 Annual Tail Shot

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