Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brita COVERED by sleeves!

So at training today we were proofing Brita’s down by putting her favorite stuff around her and she passed with flying colors!  The tug in front of her is her favorite and she was really wired today so stopping like this was not something she wanted to do!

Brita with sleeves

As I looked at the photo above I was reminded of other photos from the past.  The one below was taken at Bark Avenue Daycare when I was teaching classes and she was my demo dog.

Olivia's Best-19

And then I remembered one of Ari that was taken in the yard… I can see this is a pattern with my dogs!!


The only thing I can blame for this is that sport of PSA….  or maybe rather than blame say I should give credit to it!  Life would be so boring without this fun!!






Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Kobie!!!

What a girl!  Always busy….and loves to run and play! These photos were taken in June and she and Jake were hanging out in the yard. After running a bit she settled in the sandbox to watch what was going on down the hill.  Jake decided he wanted to dig in the sandbox and apparently Kobie didn’t like sand in her face so she up and left!

IMG_4165      IMG_4212    


 IMG_4192   IMG_4190IMG_4197   IMG_4200 

IMG_4205  IMG_4224  IMG_4150

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jake and Brita meet Bryan!

Saturday and Sunday was a training weekend with Bryan Cristan from the MN area.  We were at Donna's house and Forrest was learning everything he needed to know about catching a dog AND he held the line for mine also!  This was Brita 2nd experience and Jake's introduction to leg (and other place) bites.  Brita with the high pitched obnoxious bark/scream/whine is the first 5 minutes of the video and Jake with the nice deep bark is the last 5 minutes.

When we got home they had a little fun in the pool and running around the yard!
  IMG_6137   IMG_6146   IMG_6163    IMG_6164   IMG_6193  IMG_6231   IMG_6239  IMG_6209  IMG_6211  IMG_6215

Monday, September 6, 2010

PSA Trial in St. Anne, IL

Where in the world is St. Anne, IL? I'm STILL not sure!! What a fun weekend!
Click here for details about the trial!

OH! And Brita added another title to her list! TC
(Temperament and Control. It's the obedience portion of PSA 1)

Brita (not yet 4 years old)
Herding HIC and HT
AKC Rally Excellent (includes Novice and Advanced)
Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen
Schutzhund BH, AD, RH1, WH, TR1
Service Dogs of America T1

Brita and decoy Wade Morell

Great bark and hold, huh? There IS none in a PDC but don't tell Brita!!
Reminded me of the time that someone took a great photo of Ari doing a bark and hold....
only thing it was supposed to be a call-off - not a BITE and then bark and hold!!
No WONDER Jay is smiling!

(This photo of Ari was taken several months after I almost lost him during an Addisionian Crisis. He was unconscious and in shock when I took him to the vet. It was his last trial - sort of a "retirement party"! He lived another 2.5 years before leaving on 12/18/09.)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dog Sports Festival

Re: Dog Sports Festival Sept 3-5 IL Sch, PSA, PP
by Christie M » Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:23 am

The Dog Sports Festival in St. Anne was a really great trial!It was such a great feeling to judge my first trial in the Chicago area where it has always been so important to me to promote PSA.

The following people earned certifications or titles:

Angie Stark with Dozier
Patrick Ganley with Chino

Thomas Burlile with Ruby
Angie Stark with Dozier
Harold Cherry with Ezee
Toran Scott with Cicada

Amanda Caldron with Achilles
Cory Dewberry with Ursa

Laurel Stone with Britta

The Trial Placings were: PSA 1 -

3rd: Adron Rice with Bruno
2nd: Cory Dewberry with Ursa
1st: Amanda Caldron with Achilles

High Obedience: Amanda Caldron with Achilles
High Protection: Amanda Caldron with Achilles
High Owner Trained: Amanda Caldron with Achilles
High in Trial: Amanda Caldron with Achilles
High Owner Trained Club: Sweet Corn Kennels

Overall the trial went very smoothly and was a great example of working dog loving folks coming together to showcase their sport and try new things. Many Schutzhund titles were earned on Friday, and I hear the Brawl was a great success.

Wayne and everyone at SweetCorn Kennels deserve a huge pat on the back for bringing it all together. Thanks to Cory for coordinating all of the PSA portion. The decoys were ofcourse FANTASTIC - Wade, Toran, Thomas and Cory. And I will always be appreciative of the thankless job held by the Trial Secretary - Christina. Thanks too to Sami who jumped in to help as well.

As always, it was great seeing old friends and making new ones.

Congratulations to everyone who titled, competed and made this event such a great success.
Christie Meyer

Dog Sports Festival - Sept 3-5 IL Sch, PSA, PP

Friday September 3 Schutzhund Trial

DVG Judge Lisa Little Decoy: Waine Singleton
...Titles Offered- bh, IPO I-III, TR I-III, OB I-III, Protection I-III
** this trial is just about full already so if you plan on trialing please contact me asap to hold a spot.

Saturday September 4 PSA Trial

Hosted by Central Ohio Dog Sports Judge: Christie Meyer
Decoys: Wade Morell, Toran Scott
** That's right! I said PSA Trial in the Chicagoland Area. Sweet Corn is committed to bring this sport avenue to our area

Sunday September 5 K9 Brawl Championship $$$ (Max 25 dogs)

Hardest Hitting Contest $$$ Esquive Contest $$$
Decoys: Wade Morell, Toran Scott, Jason Fox Judges: Ric Wolterbek, Mike Pulford
*** $1000 in Cash Prizes ***

We hope to make this the biggest Dog Sports Event of the year by bringing you 3 different Dog Sports in one weekend. We will also be honoring the top dogs from each Sport. All are invited. More to come on this awesome weekend.

If you are interested in judging / decoying the K9 Brawl email me at
Location: 4902 S Mulberry Ave, St Anne, IL 60964
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