Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You Almost Died You Know!


..............after he almost died from an Addisonian Crisis how are you feeling?
*******pretty good…muscle ache between shoulder blade – maybe stress – maybe not stress

do you feel well enough to work?

*******Yes…doesn’t like the surprises like people coming from behind – this is disturbing to him.  Maybe too much pressure.  He likes what he can see.  He knows what to expect because it’s the regular guys…. when it’s a strange helper it bugs him.  He likes working in defense.

do you know how close you came to not being here?

******yes he does – at one point he really zoned and was balancing – he was very aware and so on the edge that he had no strong opinion. He is glad to be back and is excited about the working again. He’s sorry he stressed me out and when asked what he likes he answered being outside and being with girls.

I’m thinking about getting a girl puppy to train so when you can’t trial anymore we can still go and you can get fun bites…. What would you think about that? And a girl so you could hang out together.

******* A new puppy should be a girl and he could teach her to work very well. (I said bad things too like chasing the bus) and he said he can’t help it if she learns those things and that’s not bad anyway.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Addison's Disease (Ari) - 2007

Ari started having trouble getting up in the morning January of 2007. The first diagnosis was Lumbar Stenosis, then mid January he was diagnosed with Anaplasmosis, a tick related disease. Then a few weeks later he was not eating well and one morning I woke up and he was in a coma.

After I rushed him to the vet where he was given a 50/50 chance, I learned more than I ever wanted to about an Addisonian Crisis. He slowly came out of it and several days later came home for the weekend. The next week, no eating again and blood tests revealed that his liver numbers were 10x normal. More IVs. 
Read more about Addison’s here:   Addison's Disease

He now has to get a monthly Percorten shot and low doses of Prednisone to keep him going. Since then he stiffened up – Anaplasmosis again so once more being treated for that. In addition, he is borderline Pancreatic Insufficient and gets enzymes on his food and has some developed Spondylosis.

Ari aged overnight but his fun loving attitude never waivered. He still (September 2008) chases the school bus and keeps the yard free from critters. His Percortin shots have extended to 45 days apart and he seems to do well on 2.5 mg. of Prednisone daily.

During his Crisis he may have actually crossed over but returned because as I was driving him to Great Lakes Vet, THREE large deer crossed in front of me before my first turn. I turned the corner and again they crossed in front of me. It seemed a little weird at the time because they were so big and they didn't really hurry and I had to stop. After researching it I found this written:

The DEER represents entrance into the spirit world. Perhaps the symbol of the deer was used to represent the fleeting life review which occurs there shortly after arrival in the spirit world according to recent literature on near-death experiences.

When I talked to Marilyn Tokach, Animal Communicator, she had a very hard time connecting with Ari which was unusual but when she did, he told her it could go either way and was ok with whatever turned out. Because I'm a true dog lover, I told him that it was NOT ok and that he had more to do in THIS world!
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