Saturday, January 15, 2022


Welcome!! This is a journal about my dogs and what we do.

What I want to say in this first post is a bit about how this site and others got started.  In 2008, Teddy wasn’t doing so good so I started playing with this “blogger” thing and created a site for him which led to sites for the others (gotta be fair, ya know)  ….. Olivia,  Ari,  Brita  and Kobie.  All my dogs now have something (website, memorial, photo albums) that you can see by clicking each photo in the sidebar (if you are viewing the web version) or click the next post if you are looking at this on your mobile phone.

Jake's site (click for site) is the most active right now (2022) with new posts in addition to the facebook page ( At 12 years old, he is the last living of them all.

This site was a work in progress and soon became a source of information for people.  When people asked a question I would write a post to answer it which led to a post to summarize the questions.  It goes on… check the sidebar for this type of information.*** 

There you have it – the WHY of this website – journal – blog – whatever you want to call it!  For more general site go to "Thanks for your Interest"!!  


***Because of the links on the sidebar, it is best viewed on a web browser either on your computer or by clicking "View Web Version" at the bottom of your screen on your mobile phone.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

K9 Companion Training Course

The K9 Companion class began as an entry level training course for dogs that are 6 months or older. The concepts, however, can be used for all ages of dogs including puppies.

The class introduces you to reward-based training techniques that will help you communicate to your dog a basic vocabulary of commands and will strengthen the bond you have with your dog to help make him or her a better house companion

Please review all the weeks because information in latter weeks make be useful immediately. Certainly there are various sequences in which the exercises may be taught and you should do what works best for you and your K9 Companion.


PLEASE NOTE:  This course MUST be viewed on a web browser to access the material in a logical manner.  
You can do this from a computer or by scrolling down on a phone and click "VIEW WEB VERSION".

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