Friday, May 27, 2011

Last year it started…. my Buckthorn puller outer...

This year it continues… Jake – my buckthorn digger-upper-puller-outer…  …and does he think it’s fun.  For those of you who aren’t aware, Buckthorn is an invasive plant and needs to be eradicated and wow..  has it taken hold in our woods… but now..  Jake to the rescue!  There are thorns (BuckTHORN) so Jake knows to pull from the root where there are none.   Click here to read more about it.  European Buckthorn

Last fall I first discovered he liked to dig at the roots when I loosened it up with a shovel so I attempted to videotape it.  “Jake really likes to help”     I really need to get someone else to do it as I start the digging and then he pulls it out… doing it all really doesn’t work well!  It seems like there must be a distinct smell in the roots of the buckthorn tree because he does a lot of sniffing before he digs.  Then…  the bigger, the better!  The one foot trees….boring…  The 4-6 foot ones…. a prize to be coveted!  Here he is with the collection of some of the bigger trees. 

Video of Jake pulling it out! 

IMG_8507  IMG_8508 IMG_8522


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kobie-Girl 2001-2011

Click here to visit Kobie’s memorial and while you’re there sign the guest book.
Click here to visit Kobie’s website
Click here to see Kobie’s photo albums

Below are the posts that Kobie was a part of on this blog.







Who’s on Top?

Well, it depends on who flops over first.  Brita usually initiates play by flopping on her back in front of Jake but here Jake has rolled over also. 

2011.5.9. Brita.Jake.playing in yard-2   2011.5.9. Brita.Jake.playing in yard-6 2011.5.9. Brita.Jake.playing in yard-16    2011.5.9. Brita.Jake.playing in yard-48




This series was taken from inside my house through a window. 

Had I been outside they would have been hovering around me and this interaction wouldn’t have happened.



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I’m always humbled…

When so many respond to the loss of a dog…  The support from friends and sometimes people you don’t even know is truly humbling…  emails, text messages, phone calls, facebook and on the memorial….. message after message…   I’ve shared so many below….    (names were removed from private emails)   ….and cry when I read them…  When someone loses a dog.. the rest of us can relate because most likely, we have been though it…    Thank you all… 

It's always so hard to lose a good friend; but at least she went out the way she wanted to go;  Still active, still vital!  Enjoy the afterlife Kobie !!!!!!!  : )

I was shocked to find that Kobie had crossed over, and so suddenly since we last communicated.  What a beautiful, lovely girl she was!  You gave her a wonderful life, a new life from her past and a very happy one!  I know how much you must miss her and my heart goes out to you for this very huge loss.  We both know she is in a good place and her spirit will always be around you.  She will be hanging out with your mom I'm sure!  Her favorite!  Keep in touch and know that I am thinking of you and I sure know the pain of losing a best friend.  If you ever want to talk, I am here for you.....Hugs,   JM

Words cannot describe the sadness I feel for you losing Kobie.  I am so very sorry!!  It never gets any easier losing our best friends when their time comes.  Kobie was a very speical girl and your mom's favorite by the sounds of it!  Now she is with your mom and running free in heaven.  The void here on earth is huge though and for that my heart goes out to you Laurel. If you ever want to talk, I am here.  We never know when the time will come so cherish each day with those around you.  I know you already do that : )  I'm just so sad about Kobie, I was shocked to read this.  You did the right thing by letting her go when you did, but I know it was very hard for you.  Likely when you least expect it, she'll visit you in a dream to let you know she is happy and okay.  Hang in there Laurel, stay in touch.  I will say a prayer for Kobie for lots of love and support around her.  Love, JM

Thinking about you and wondering how you are coping .  The shock will take some time to get over but I hope you don't have flashbacks of how it happened with Kobie . She would have hated to have surgery and to be a burden to you . She'll be happy with  Ari now  and would want you to be happy too  CT

I'm so sorry about Kobie. I just read about what happened to her. Very traumatic, for all you (other dogs included). You have my sincerest condolences on your loss.   LS

I'm sorry you lost Kobie today.  :'(  Let me know if you need anything...  JG

Wow, Laurel.  So sorry to hear your news.  That must have been very traumatic for Kobie and for you.  My sympathy.  KP

.so…so sorry again about Kobi... DZ

I'm really very sorry to hear about Kobie. I've seen her picture galeries a couple of times and I thought she was a beautiful girl. I know you'll miss her, but it was an act of God and there was nothing you could do.   HW

I've been away for a few days and have just read your very sad news about Kobie . What a dreadful shock , to have a happy running dog one minute and a fatally injured one the next . Poor Kobie must have suffered but I'm sure you did the right thing -------the only thing to help her and she would know and love you for it . It will take you some time to get over the suddenness of it all . My heart is sore for you .   Love from C.

OMG, laurel, I'm so sorry!!!!! What an awful thing to deal with. Kobie was a goo' girl.  LD

Hope you’re doing okay….. CS

My dear.....I AM SO SORRY!!!  I know it breaks your heart.  Lord, this is hard stuff!!!  I will pray for your grief...I really will...and please write when you can.  MA


I'm sorry Laurel. How sad. :(   LS

*sniff*  CM

Awww Laurel, I'm so sorry...  Much love to you hun!!!   CM

Oh Laurel!!!  I'm SO sorry!  You're right, I would have hugged and cried with you....lots of hugs your way.  On a side note, Ari will be so pleased to have kobie back,  they're up there playing now I'm sure!  BV

Although I don't own a dog I do" babysit" a puppy that has crept into my heart...unexpectedly. (I mention this because i now understand the addicting  companionship and fun love a dog gives)
Im sorry you had to see Kobie hurt and eventually go through the heartache of making such a difficult decision.  My thoughts are with you.  KK

Wow..I am just heartbroken after reading your blogs and seeing individual sites it feels like you get a glimpse of a life and on some level you know them…I am sorry you had to go through that, it must be hard, I cant even imagine…I am glad you have a friend who can help and who can tell you that everything is okay and one day we will see them again..ever seen a movie with Robin Williams “What Dreams May Come”  my favorite movie…very artistic, very good story…you may like it..there is also a dog dalmation who passed on…and “dog heaven”. It is drama..nothing cheesy… I am so sorry for your loss...I am so, so sorry…. EM

Thank you for sharing the email with the link to your pictures.  It would be nice if all dogs had the opportunity to live with Laurel Stone and her other dogs.  Thinking of you and Kobie and wishing you the best!  JD

I am so sorry. Kobie was one of my favorites.  I went to your blogspot and read about Kobie.  BC

Oh my gosh Laurel!  Did you just lose her?  I'm so sorry!

You are in my thoughts and prayers!  PS

Laurel, my heart aches for you!  I wish there were something I could do for you! This is the bad part about having animals.  It's so devastating to lose them!  I hope your other dogs and Joshua, of course, will help fill the void that's been left!  You did the right thing for her!  I'm really thinking of you, my friend! Love, P~

Laurel, I am so sorry for your loss. What a horrible freak accident. My
thoughts and prayers are with you ...  DM

Hi Laurel....I just saw your email. I don't check it every day anymore. I am so sorry that you lost Kobie. Beautiful Kobie. What an unusual way for her to have to go. I cant imagine. Remember, it's ok to grieve. You can't hurry sadness away. When it wants to go, it will. It wont last forever. Wait it out. You have the memories! Someday, you will meet her again. Take care. Love you! HUGS!!!  LH

I am so very sorry to hear about Kobie.  There are no words to take away the heartbreak of losing one of our four footed companions. Just know that I share in your grief.  LH

Laurel, I'm sad to hear about Kobie's passing, and for the suffering her loss has brought to you. Don't beat yourself up for not working; you need time to heal.  JL

OMG I am sooooo sorry for the lost. I'm glad I did not find out in class because I am crying as I type this. I too had to put our lab down last September; however, I knew his time was coming. I could not imagine not expecting it and finding him like you did your Kobie. I don't know what to say... I'm so sorry. At least you know Kobie is with Ari and that Kobie had the BEST life a dog could have while in this life. God bless. I know you have the support of a lot of friends, but please let me know if there is anything I can do.  IH



Laurel Stone I didn't think she'd be the next one. RIP Miss Kobie...

May 15 at 7:05pm · Like

Amy Spear Laurel I am so sorry for your loss, her spirit is right there with you at all times.

May 15 at 7:10pm · Like

Cindy Davidson I am sorry for your loss.

May 15 at 7:16pm · Like

Katrina Kardiasmenos Oh, Laurel, I'm so so sorry for your loss! I can't imagine how it must feel to have lost Kobie :(

May 15 at 7:19pm · Like

Tim Krause so sorry Laurel...the love our family provides is like nothing else

May 15 at 7:22pm · Like

Laurie Schuttey so sorry

May 15 at 7:31pm · Like

Susan Peters I'm so sorry Laurel....

May 15 at 7:37pm · Like

Amy Jo Huss Christianson Sorry to hear about Kobie....

May 15 at 7:38pm · Like

Joe Parks sending hugs from ohio.....

May 15 at 7:41pm · Like

Lisa Brandow Haese I'm sorry for your loss Laurel...these photos are beautiful!

May 15 at 7:58pm · Like

Angie Stark Laurel, so sorry :-(...

May 15 at 8:22pm · Like

Rachel Brickham Bachand My thoughts are with you Laurel. So sorry for your loss.

May 15 at 8:28pm · Like

Mark Veith-West My heart is still broken from losing ours, can't imagine what you're going through. They are all so precious. All of our families thoughts are with you. Hugs.

May 15 at 8:35pm · Like

Marilyn Parker Volunteered at Spay/neuter clinic today. Some lovely dogs. I do it every month.

May 15 at 8:42pm · Like

Trudy Donais I am so sorry for your loss and unfortunately understand the pain oh so well as we just laid to rest our 12 year old GSD Friday :`(

May 15 at 8:44pm · Like

Laurel Stone oh trudy.. I'm so sorry - it IS hard but the joy we get from them when they are alive must override the pain or we wouldn't get another... I guess we just have to remember the good times...

May 15 at 8:49pm · Like

Sandi Moore I am sorry Laurel. They just do not live long enough. I have been through it several times as well, but the love we get from them helps to ease the sorrow when they are gone.

May 15 at 8:51pm · Like

Mary Ellis she's romping in the field with my Sadie, and all the rest of our fir sorry for your loss, Laurel.

May 15 at 8:56pm · Like

Vicki Heinrich So sorry for your loss - so admire your commitment and love of your dogs!!

May 15 at 8:59pm · Like

Frank Potter I don't know you Laurel but My heart goes out to you for the loss of this wonderful friend.

May 15 at 10:09pm · Like

Brenda Ort-Beauchamp Laurel I am so sorry for your loss . We lost both of our babies within 28 each other last year so I can appreciate what you are going through. It is so hard when your whole life revolves around your pet and then they are gone.

May 15 at 10:42pm · Like

Jill Fryling So sorry.

May 15 at 11:10pm · Like

Aida Flick may her spirit live forever in your heart. our thoughts are with you.

May 15 at 11:13pm · Like

Jeannie Tews ‎(((((HUGS)))))

May 16 at 5:59am · Like

Vicki L Olson Take care Laurel...sorry for your loss

May 16 at 8:13am · Like

Judy Boguski Always so difficult to make that decision but I'm sure Kobie agreed. A big hug to you, Laurel

May 16 at 9:35am · Like

Tthomas D. Hendra Laurel: Sorry about your loss of this wondeful Pup.

May 16 at 10:40am · Like

Laurel Stone thank you all.. as I posted on the other thread.. the number of responses humbles me. give your dogs a kiss on the head because they could be gone tomorrow.

May 16 at 6:58pm · Like

Allison Fahrenkrug Laurel, I am so sorry my heart goes out to you. She was a beautiful girl. It never gets any easier...

May 16 at 8:53pm · Like

Christie Meyer
I am so sorry - I didn't realize that the pics were put up to say goodbye to Kobie. I am so very sorry for your loss Laurel. She was absolutely magnificent looking! I am sure her personality matched.

May 15 at 7:24pm · Like · · See Friendship

Laurel Stone thanks Christie.. It was such a freak accident. She was running through the house and slammed into a wall breaking her humerus bone in half and ripping her shoulder out of the socket..

May 15 at 8:24pm · Like

Barb Hoffman sympathies. So sorry!!!

May 15 at 8:45pm · Like

Michael Eugene West Hugs and tears

May 15 at 8:51pm · Like

Niki Mohns So sad. Sending my condolences.

May 15 at 9:01pm · Like

Phil Langohr Abbie and my heart goes out to you Laurel :(

May 15 at 9:25pm · Like

Shannon White It's brutal, losing one of these miraculous creatures called Dog. It's almost unbearable. Though it may provide little comfort, know that we all share your sorrow. We understand a glimmer of your loss.

May 15 at 10:03pm · Like

Cheryl Eddy Pawlosky So sorry to hear about your loss!! I loved reading your blog...

May 15 at 10:23pm · Like

Renée Lamoureux so sorry Laurel

May 15 at 10:41pm · Like

Laurel Frawley sssooo sorry Laurel.

May 16 at 12:38am · Like

Nancy Nestler So sorry for you Laurel. your special babies are playing together in Heaven. You loved them well and they gave you everything. Sending hugs and peaceful thoughts your way. :(

May 16 at 1:34am · Like

Denise Wittman So sorry

May 16 at 3:49am · Like

Vickie Strommen I am sorry to hear of your loss Laurel.. take care

May 16 at 6:52am · Like

Sandy Smrz Oh Laurel, I am so sorry. My thoughts go out to you.

May 16 at 7:38am · Like

Amy Marks Bucklin Sorry for your loss Laurel

May 16 at 8:30am · Like

Nancy Hundin So sorry.

May 16 at 9:22am · Like

Lisa Gruetzmacher So sorry for your loss Laurel.

May 16 at 12:37pm · Like

Cee Kranz I am so sorry, they are great dogs

May 16 at 5:23pm · Like

Laurel Stone Thank you all.. the amount of responses on this thread and the comments on the photo album humble me.. do something special for your pets tonight because they can be taken away in a heartbeat....

May 16 at 6:53pm · Like

Vickie Strommen My girl, Faith, a Golden Retriever turned 11 today.. so I know what you mean! She got lots of good for dogs treats today!!

May 16 at 7:00pm · Like

Laurie Schuttey So is never easy...

May 16 at 7:08pm · Like

Shari Blohm OMG Laurel - there are no words.... My heart aches for the hole that is in yours..... I am so very sorry. Hugs

May 16 at 10:47pm · Like

06-29-2011 5:58 PM -- By: donna spencer ,  From: new jersey 

What a beautiful Belgian......And a precious one as well.. Hoping you seek comfort in knowing Kobie, is always watching over you as she did when with you... God sends us special 4 legged children to help us through our most difficult times.. Sad to say so many never realize what a great gift they are... Find peace my friend..

06-15-2011 5:12 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From

I am so sorry for the loss of precious Kobie-Girl. My thoughts are with you at this very sad time.


06-11-2011 8:40 AM -- By: Jessica,  From: Pa 

Laurel, Kobie-Girl is absolutly beautiful! I'm am very sorry to read of her passing. My deepest sympathy. thoughts and prayers are with you.

05-20-2011 1:58 PM -- By: Joe and Efren ,  From: EL Paso TX 

We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We know what it is to loss a best friend. We send you our deepest sympathy. Play hard at Rainbow's Bridge.

05-17-2011 10:10 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico 

I am so very sorry for your loss of precious Kobie-Girl.  May the memories of Kobie-Girl always bring you peace and comfort .. and .. cherish those memories as they can never be taken away.

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this very sad time.  Know that Kobie-Girl was welcomed to Rainbow Bridge by my kids Sammy, Gabby and Bob M and all the beautiful babies of Rainbow Bridge.

05-16-2011 9:44 PM -- By: Janet,  From: Indiana 

What a beautiful girl!  I love your song on the first page.  I can envision her running across the field in heaven.  I share your sadness as I lost my baby boy a few weeks ago.  I know he is playing nicely with Kobie.  You will always have her memories as she will have hers with you.  Take care...


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