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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Name that dog–Volume 3!

The 3rd is what is apparently going to be a series… 

  1. Name That Dog! – Ari and Jake (bitework, standing and head shot on couch)
  2. Name that Dog Again!  Jake, Brita and Bob’s puppy.
  3. Name that Dog – Volume 3! – 2 fuzzy dogs looking up (Joanne’s dog and Olivia), the “look” (Ari and Jake) and Jake and his papa.

IMG_0582          Olivia's Best-10
The fuzzy dogs…. Joanne’s dog and Olivia catching the Frisbee!

Ari -The Look           9 (4)
The LOOK!  Ari watching a decoy from a truck during a trial and Jake watching Brita.

Name that dog-jake         Jakes papa

Jake and his Papa – Crack!  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here does it??





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