Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dogs and digging!!

Dogs dig.  That’s just the way it is.

The key I think is to have them dig in the right places and on command. 

It started with Ari digging in water.  Every time he did I would very excitedly say DIG DIG!!  It didn’t take long before he learned what “DIG” meant!  Then came the sandbox…  took him there and told him to DIG again I’m sure he thought “oh my, how exciting!”  Easy as that!  Built him a 12 x 12 diggers paradise sandbox!  He continued to think it was the greatest thing to do whether it was sand or water.  Eventually the pool turned into a sandbox and I learned that cutting the bottom out was a smart thing to do!

Growing Up (10)Growing Up (4)Growing Up (57)Growing Up (9)Growing Up (12)Growing Up (44)DSC04471

Now I have 2 diggers and am excited about that..  they chase each other to the sandbox and take turns digging.  Brita was not too much of a digger until she saw how much fun it was so she started too.  Jake picked it up instantly and now he helps me around the years…  I get the shovel out and he comes running.  Also, I learned that he loved to dig and pull out buckthorn trees which are invasive.  Apparently, the roots have a unique smell because he will dig and put his nose in the dirt, take a deep sniff and if it is a buckthorn will start digging and then pull it out by the roots….  the bigger the better, here’s another post! 

Now their sandbox is the former pool…  it’s perfect!   It has become the place of choice to hang out when we’re just hanging in the yard!

2012-08-13 19.19.37

And finally..  remember I said cut the bottom out…  well here is what happened if you don’t….  sand…  rain… no where to drain  =  mud!

 Teddy and Brita-112a    Teddy and Brita-114




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