Friday, March 14, 2008

Competition Anyone?

CGC, Therapy Dog, BH, CD, UCD, HIC, RN
September 22, 2001 – May 7, 2011
Got Kobie at 17 months on February 4, 2003 from Patrick McCarthy who got her from Highlander Kennels
March 29, 2003 .....Canine Good Citizen… Oshkosh Kennel Club…Oshkosh WI
May 19, 2003 ….Therapy Dog/Theda Clark (Neenah)/Therapy Dogs, Inc. Cheyenne WY #2894
Kobie was living with me only a few months when she got her Canine Good Citizen and then was registered as a Therapy Dog.  She was very willing to learn and really had the “heart” to be a therapy dog. When she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Insufficiency, because of the high probability of accidents, we stopped our visitations.
August 23, 2003……Schutzhund “BH” ….O.G. Bierstadt Schutzhund Club…Campbellsport WI
Kobie was the 4th dog I put a BH on and she was the ONLY one that passed the first time and looked good!

September 28, 2003….Fun match (189 points) 4th place (Novice B)….Sheboygan WI
January 24, 2004….3 legs of a UCD (187, 192, 193) 4th place (Novice B)….Manitowoc WI
What I recall from this weekend was the run off for 4th place.  The 2 dog/handler teams line up and then heel when instructed to by the judge.  The other dog was a golden retriever and I thought..  one step and we’re done.  One of the best things Kobie did was the sit at attention, very straight and looked good.  So we lined up and before the judge said “forward” he said “golden is sitting crooked, shepherd wins”.  HUH!  woohoo!  Didn’t even need to take a step!
June 23, 2004……Herding Instinct Certified (HIC)….Bonnie Leonard….Fremont, WI
Now Kobie LOVED herding and going to Bonnies but she could be distracted OH so easily!  When she worked she was beautiful, working very smooth but then all of a sudden something would catch her eye (birds, butterfly, an airplane) and she’s be looking at that instead of the sheep! 
October 10, 2004….Fun match (194 points) (Novice B)….Winnegamie Dog Club…..Menasha WI
December 4, 2004…..1st leg of a CD (182 ½ Points) (Novice B) … .Oshkosh WI
December 5, 2004…….2nd leg of a CD (186 ½ Points) (Novice B) …..Oshkosh WI
January 16, 2005….3rd leg of a CD (189 points) (Novice B) ….Oshkosh WI

March 26, 2005….leg 1 of Rally Novice (87 points) …..Racine WI
April 16, 2005….2nd leg of Rally Novice (78 points)……Amherst Junction WI
May 7, 2005….3rd leg of Rally Novice (RN) (97)…..Madison, WI

We continued to train but did not compete again.  One of the fond memories I have was teaching Kobie to heel with her ears up.  She didn’t naturally put them up but wasn’t unhappy, just rather trying to do it right so was a tad submissive.  So, because she understood marker training, when we were heeling I would say “ears up” in a happy voice.  The second she would put them up, I would mark it with YES,  beak and reward her. She never forgot “ears up” and we could do a show and tell for anyone who asked…and Kobie was all about that because it ended in a treat!





And we started on the retrieve but she wasn’t too serious about it and would take the item and run….. and I let her – why – because she was having fun!


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