Friday, February 20, 2009

Teddy’s Resting Place

Behind my house are woods and a slight rise.

Last summer I started digging for we didn't expect Teddy to last into fall. He started limping a bit less in the fall so I covered the hole with tarp. Yesterday (2/20/09), when I knew the end was imminent, I went there to see how it survived the winter. Because the sun was setting, I returned to the house to get my camera and this time Teddy followed me. It took all that he had to hobble on 3 legs but I let him come along because he seemed to want to. That was when I took the pictures below.

Today after I returned from the vet and said my goodbyes, I laid him to rest on this spot where I'll be able to visit regularly. There was snow falling and it really was beautiful.





Rest in Peace, Teddy Edward.... I'll miss you....

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