Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School 2009

2009.9.1 School bus Ari.Brita-17

Due to Ari's ups and downs with seizures most likely from a brain tumor and his inability to walk, I never thought he'd be around the first day of school this year much less be in good enough shape to play with Brita while waiting for it to arrive the first day of school. The first event was the arrival of a dump truck and it's departure, then the kids getting the bus and then the bus itself! At the end of the series of pictures, Brita is so2009.9.1 School bus Ari.Brita-70 warm from running that there is steam coming from her body. It was a cool morning with low lying fog and at first I thought she was kicking up sand but then realized it was following her everywhere!

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