Friday, October 30, 2009

Brita is such a HOOT

So today it turned out to be a pretty nice day so I wanted to get some work done in the training area and took Brita out with me.  I literally cannot walk around the yard without her running over and starting to heel next to me.  I was carrying fence posts in my right hand and she is heeling on the left. 

Well, she is pretty persistent so I thought ok...  I can do some training (which I was going to do anyway) so I ran her little butt off.  It was pretty humid and she was breathing pretty hard so I stopped and told her to get in her pool which was FULL of water.  I did not expect her to lay down in it however!!!!  What great training for PSA!!

What a difference from the first summer and her introduction to water!  I guess Teddy was a good teacher!!











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