Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brita COVERED by sleeves!

So at training today we were proofing Brita’s down by putting her favorite stuff around her and she passed with flying colors!  The tug in front of her is her favorite and she was really wired today so stopping like this was not something she wanted to do!

Brita with sleeves

As I looked at the photo above I was reminded of other photos from the past.  The one below was taken at Bark Avenue Daycare when I was teaching classes and she was my demo dog.

Olivia's Best-19

And then I remembered one of Ari that was taken in the yard… I can see this is a pattern with my dogs!!


The only thing I can blame for this is that sport of PSA….  or maybe rather than blame say I should give credit to it!  Life would be so boring without this fun!!






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