Thursday, June 2, 2011

Closing the barn door….

Well, yes.  Maybe it is like closing the barn door after the horse is out.  But, in my defense, there are more horses….so to speak.  IMG_2885

  • Could I have used it in 2007 when I had to take Ari to the vet when he was in a coma when he had an Addisonian Crisis?  yes.
  • Could I have used it in 2009 when I brought Teddy home to bury him on the hill in the yard?  yes.
  • Could I have used it in 2009 again for Ari for the same reason – to bury him on the hill in the yard?  yes.
  • Could I have used it recently when Kobie had to be taken to the vet on her last day?  yes. 

Well, those are the horses (so to speak again) that are out of the barn.  There are 3 left – Olivia, Jake and Brita.  And at 70 pounds or so, I just can’t lift them AND if an accident happens, maybe they shouldn’t be lifted but gently put on a stretcher. 

So, after looking online and seeing various versions from what appeared to be a simple blanket with a handle in each corner (which would require more than one person anyway) to a more elaborate one with wheels, I went for the more elaborate one that a single person could handle …and surprisingly enough, it wasn’t all that much more expensive.

“This Dog Stretcher with wheels is PERFECT for anyone with a large disabled dog! This dog stretcher features a mesh 'envelope' that completely covers any size animal up to 200 lbs. giving complete control over your pet, while calming them and allowing them to breathe. The envelope stabilizes fractures and helps your pet feel secure while being transported.

The wheels allow you to wheel your disabled dog in the dog stretcher with ease, even on rough surfaces! The bottom of the dog stretcher is made of a solid vinyl bottom, so if you have to bring your disabled dog out to go to the bathroom, the dog stretcher can be easily hosed off should your pet urinate while lying down.”

  Check it out for yourself.  You can purchase it here for $105 or here for $88  same stretcher!  Smile

field_rescue stretcher

The next pictures you see will me of my dogs “practicing” lying on it and being wheeled around!  We’re working on that!  Smile

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