Friday, September 14, 2012

The end of an era….


There have been signs over the last few weeks.  Walking in to walls and heading in the wrong direction.  Because Olivia couldn’t see well, she knew the house in her head….  how many steps from the grass in the front to the steps where she had to raise her leg – where and how long the ramp to go down to the yard was – how to find mom at her computer to get attention.   It was different now.  Very disconnected but them sometimes she seemed fine.  Until yesterday. I returned home from work and she was stumbling and could barely walk.  I got her outside and then she couldn’t find her way back to her couch.  When I got her there she couldn’t get up the step to it.  I suspected then that her time was running out. 

I spent the night with her on the couch hoping in the morning she would be better.  She wasn’t.  There were times when she was sitting that she looked just fine – but she was sitting and not moving.  I made a vet appointment for the afternoon and said goodbye to her then.  My friends and I laid her to rest next to Kobie on the hill in the woods – right near her guys, Teddy and Ari. 

This is the short version…  maybe I’ll add more later…  We miss her already…. she was such a huge part of the dynamics of the house that it will take time to adjust. 

It truly is the end of an era ….

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