Saturday, January 1, 2000

Facebook… Olivia… continued…

Continued from 9/1/12

Sweet Olivia... it had to happen eventually... almost blind and almost deaf, she was an inspiration to those who knew her. She brought a sense of calmness to my house with her ever positive attitude. Even when a stroke took away her ability to walk and to think clearly, she always seemed to have a smile on her face when she was comfortably positioned on the couch. The signs were clearly there but it became instantly obvious to me yesterday when I returned home that last night would be her final night. She is now with Ari, Teddy and Kobie who I'm sure were there to help her along in her journey. It truly is the end of a generation of dogs who chose to call my house home. RIP Sweet Olivia....

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Michelle Goodrum I'm so sorry for your loss :(

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Patty Wohlt Im so sorry Laurel

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Tammy Tondu I'm sorry Laurel :o(

Wednesday at 10:45pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

Cheryl Heale So very sad, she had a good life with you. Good memories

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Wayne Stephens I'm so sorry for your loss.

Wednesday at 10:47pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

Austen Drew I am so sorry for your loss, Laurel. I am honored and lucky that I was able to meet her recently. She was sweet and beautiful. Thinking about you. ~Austen

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Angie Stark sorry Laurel :(

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Marissa Freier I remember her and Sheba together. "Liver" taught Sheba the rules of the pack. She was a great dog and you said it, she always had a smile on her face :) She will be missed. That was a great generation of dogs!

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Marissa Freier I love you Laurel!! Wish I was there!

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Lizzie Button Im so sorry to hear about your dog.. They become our best friends throughout the years and its so hard when their time comes. I still remember taking your class back in 2002 and you had the dogs come visit us in class.. so sweet!! You are such a wonderful loving animal lover and she could not have had a better mama!! RIP Olivia, and ((hugs)) to you Laurel!!

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Brandon LaMere My thoughts are with you Laurel...I just lost a dear friend yesterday. I feel your pain for sure.

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Niki Mohns Always hard to lose a friend. Thinking of you.

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Mary Anne Moore-Church So sorry for the loss of your friend.

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Laurel Stone Thank you all.. it is hard to lose a friend and you never get used to it. . she did have a good life Cheryl.. Austin it was nice that you got to meet her.. she truly left an impression on people. Marissa... what can i say.. i wish you were here too absolutely for sure... it was quite a pack we had for a while, wasn't it? Lizzie... Olivia may have been one of those dogs that came to class... Teddy was the one that was the regular however....

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Jeannie Tews So sorry Laurel!

Wednesday at 11:25pm via mobile · Like

Laurel Stone Thanks Jeannie.. please put the word out in the office, as usual... no hugging when I come in... :)

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Dave Garot so sorry Laurel

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Janet Amaral I'm so sorry laurel! She was so blessed to be given such a wonderful home. I'm sorry :(

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Paul Bilecki I'm sorry for your's never easy to let them go.

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Katharina Sturtecky So very sorry about your loss, Laurel! Happy you got to spend do many wonderful years with Olivia. May you carry the great memories with you in your heart always and may they bring a smile to your face...

Yesterday at 12:38am via mobile · Unlike · 1

Lily Silver sorry.

Yesterday at 12:41am · Unlike · 1

Daniel McElroy Sorry to hear it. I have been there and I feel for you.

Yesterday at 12:54am via mobile · Unlike · 1

Lisa Boerst I'm so sorry to hear that,Laurel! They really were all very special dogs that enjoyed a wonderful life with you.

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Nancy Nestler so sad to hear this news.

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Cee Kranz You have given your dogs the best life a dog could ever hope for.

Yesterday at 4:48am · Unlike · 1

Rodney Halbleib So sorry to hear about Olivia Laurel. Certainly a heavy heart this morning. Big hug sent your way.

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Cindy Pischke So sorry for your loss Laurel, the time is never enough. Keep those memories close in your heart.

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Nan Brennan So sorry for your loss Laurel.

Yesterday at 5:29am · Unlike · 1

Veronica Stillson Beautiful tribute to your girl.

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Andrea Wiener-Chase Oh Laurel, I am deeply sorry for your loss.....

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Lisa Hansen I'm so sorry, Laurel You gave her a wonderful life!

Yesterday at 5:56am · Unlike · 1

Alan Dordel Oh Laurel.... I'm so sorry. I didn't realize she was doing so poorly. How sad. I feel your pain. You are in my thoughts.

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Traci Manges I am so sorry Laurel!

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Connie Bachhuber Laurel, you have our deepest sympathy.

Yesterday at 6:12am · Unlike · 1

Patti Paul Snyder Oh Laurel, I'm so sorry! Please know I'm thinking of you!

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Donna Matey Olivia was a super sweet, happy, energetic, beautiful dog. You gave her a wonderful life Laurel. My heart goes out to you.

Yesterday at 6:44am · Unlike · 1

Cyn Bahneman Prothero I am so sorry

Yesterday at 6:49am via mobile · Unlike · 1

Vickie Strommen Sorry for your loss Laurel.. take care

Yesterday at 6:54am · Unlike · 1

Martha Hoffacker Laurel: I know that Olivia will rest in peace...

Yesterday at 7:00am · Unlike · 1

Renee Fulcer I'm so sorry -

Yesterday at 7:02am · Unlike · 1

Susan Peters Laurel....I'm so sorry to hear of your loss...

Yesterday at 7:04am · Unlike · 1

Amy Spear I am so sorry Laurel, the loss of a dear one is hard, hold onto good memories and love the ones you still have.

Yesterday at 7:12am via mobile · Unlike · 1

Cindy Novak Sorry for your loss

Yesterday at 7:26am · Unlike · 1

Laurel Stone What a wonderful outpouring of support to have when I turned my computer on this morning... Rod.. you were one of Olivia's favorite people and I know when you stopped by she thought it was to see only her... Lisa H. - I remember bringing Olivia to your grooming shop right after I picked her up from the rescue and you said: "Laurel, I think she is the prettiest dog you have!".... Alan... it was rather sudden... I think she could have hung around for another year the way she was few weeks ago...

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Andi Watson Laurel, my thoughts and prayers are wit you. If they could only go on forever. . . Peace to Olivia, you, and yours.

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Lisa A De Valk So sorry Laurel :(

Yesterday at 7:58am via mobile · Unlike · 1

Laurel Stone I just looked back and realized that Olivia came to me 11 years ago Monday (9-10-01) and was 2 years 3 months old. She had been turned over to WI German Shepherd Rescue (Cindy Filz), placed twice before me and was returned... how fortunate I was to have been at the right place at the right time!

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Marilyn Tokach So sorry for your loss. What an honor to know Miss Olivia. Love your poem & tribute. Peace be with you, my friend.

Yesterday at 8:09am · Unlike · 1

Judy Boguski It is never easy, is it? You are in my thought and prayers. RIP, sweet Olivia.

Yesterday at 8:10am · Unlike · 1

Trish Schommer So sorry:( She was beautiful and you gave her a great life.

Yesterday at 8:14am · Unlike · 1

Prudence Keffer So very very sorry Laurel.

Yesterday at 8:34am · Unlike · 1

Marie Murphy So sorry for your loss, Laurel.

Yesterday at 8:39am · Unlike · 1

Laurel Stone Marilyn Tokach - thanks... everyone should have a friend like you to turn to. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day for me yesterday. My life was certainly enhanced when I was introduced to you and your skills in communicating with animals.

Yesterday at 8:41am · Like · 1

Ann Noppe Noyce So sorry Laurel.

Yesterday at 8:49am · Unlike · 1

Malinda Trimberger Sorry to hear about your loss Laurel, we just lost our furkid 2 weeks ago. She will always be a part of your family and it sounds like she had a great life. Its never easy, thoughts and prayers to you...

Yesterday at 8:57am · Unlike · 1

Francine Engle Sending you a big hug Laurel...What beautiful creatures you have been blessed with as they have been blessed to have you!

Yesterday at 9:00am · Unlike · 1

Julie Derusha So Sorry Laurel!!! Amazing what they do for our lives while what we give in return seems so small... Still have not been able to get another one after my loss in 2010...

Yesterday at 9:37am · Unlike · 1

Aida Flick so sorry Laurel...i know her smile will live in your heart forever...they do that!

Yesterday at 10:00am · Unlike · 1

Chris McGuirk *sniff*

Yesterday at 10:23am · Unlike · 1

Roy M. Andersen Jr. Sorry to hear about your loss. Hope each time you miss her will bring a good memory of her as well.

Yesterday at 11:35am via mobile · Unlike · 1

EyVonne Robinson I am so sorry. It is hard to loose a member of the family.

Yesterday at 12:30pm · Unlike · 1

Brittany Voigt Oh Laurel, I'm so sorry!

Yesterday at 1:28pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

Shari Blohm I am so very sorry for your loss 8'(

Yesterday at 5:21pm · Unlike · 1

Lisa Wallace I am so sorry for your loss :(

Yesterday at 8:20pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

Greg Williams I am so sorry for your loss.

Yesterday at 8:58pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

Mark Plonsky My thoughts are with you.

22 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Shari Englund I can really feel your sadness...we lost our beloved Min Pin, Bali, 4 weeks ago and can still feel it! Thankfully, there are so many more to love! We have a new "baby"...9 week old Min Pin, Aeri. Hoping you soon have a new love in your life!

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Jody Hergert-Andresen Laurel, Sounds like she was a very sweet girl.

20 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Laurel Stone Thank you all... Jody... Olivia was a very sweet girl for sure! Shari... no new ones coming. My goal was to have 2 dogs and that's where I'm at now.. Brita(6) and Jake (3) are more than enough. I'll now have time to focus on them and their training... they deserve that. Brita's watched me say goodbye to Tori, Teddy, Ari, Kobie and Olivia in the last 3.5 years and it's her turn to get some attention. :)

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Sandi Moore Laurel, my condolences. It is SO hard. But she is no longer in pain and she had a great life with you. Our fur kids are the best. HUGS!

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Stuart Belden So sorry Laurel...another one playing in heaven with Kala. Hugs my friend

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Renée Lamoureux so sorry

Yesterday at 1:25am · Unlike · 1

Cee Kranz I am so sorry, Laurel for your loss. Astra is showing her around

Yesterday at 4:47am · Unlike · 1

Lynn Paplauskas RIP Olivia.. run Free!!

Yesterday at 5:27am · Unlike · 1

Renee Fulcer What a beautiful photo!

Yesterday at 7:02am · Unlike · 1

Heather Sather I'm so sorry Laurel :( RIP Olivia

Yesterday at 8:13am · Unlike · 1

Rachel Brickham Bachand So sorry for your loss Laurel they always hold a special place in our hearts. You're the best momma she could've asked for.

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To My Sweet Olivia

I know not what your life was like before you came to me
But this I know and it’s a fact that it was meant to be.
I knew before I met you that you were surely mine
And when you came to greet me, I knew it was the time.

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