Monday, October 14, 2013

Shed + Straw = FUN!

30 bales of straw coming…  hmmm…  the shed!  It had become the dumping ground for all the environmental distractions used for PSA.  So…  9 garbage bags of milk jugs, cans, bottles, hoops, etc., etc.  bagged and ready for the garbage pickup.  Tarp and 4x4 raised box on the floor.  Straw!!  And, you know, Jake gets almost as excited at frozen chicken backs in the tubes as he does with live rats (which aren’t part of MY plan!)  …..liver maybe..  just thinkin’.

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So after the chicken lunch, Jake and Brita get to hang out while I figure out how to cover the window openings so the weather stays on the outside and away from the straw!!  I’ll also have to fence part of it in since Jake kept going to the outside since the tube was on the edge of the building and he thought it might be easier from out there…  FENCING I have!! 

UPDATE – the next day….
Jake, again searching for and finding the chicken in the tube….  what a guy!  He has NO hesitation about standing on his head to get the tube.  Then he takes it and heads out to the yard and finally back to the crate in the garage where he will get to eat the chicken he found!

2013-10-14 14.21.48   2013-10-14 14.22.15 2013-10-14 14.22.08   2013-10-14 14.22.42

Rain tomorrow so I wanted to get tarps around it so the straw wouldn’t get wet.
My plan was to have CLEAR plastic but had to use what was available so I  
used tarps for the back and far side and resorted to a
sail from an “A” scow which has a VERY high mast so it is very large.  
Not quite done here but after a bit more work it looks like a wrapped sardine can!

2013-10-14 15.44.48

What we DO for our Dogs!!



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