Saturday, November 28, 2009

What fun Ari and Brita had!

It was yet another nice Saturday at the end of November and so we did some outdoor training! 
Brita has done suit work but hadn’t as yet with Terence.  This was the afternoon session and if you hang in there until the end (or just watch the end) you’ll see her getting swung around and hanging on!

And we brought the old man today!  Ari at 10 1/2 still was crazy for the sleeve and on the edge as usual.  Of course, me telling me to heel was a puzzle to him since he never learned how to heel… fuss he knows so when "I" figured it out he was a tad better.  However, since he retired he has had no obedience except “get off the bed Ari”… or “get your ball Ari”…  or “want your dinner”… oh wait..  that’s not obedience..  that’s a question!  What is the best about the way he looks today is the fact that, over the summer, he on a number of occasions was unable to walk due to seizures and a probable brain tumor.  If you saw those videos, you’d know how special these videos taken today are!  Every day he is here is a gift.

Update...  a month later December 18, 2009, he was gone. 

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