Friday, December 18, 2009

Goodbye Ari-Man

Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.
And meeting again,
after moments or lifetimes,
1budwhiteis certain for those who are friends.
………..Richard Bach


When you wake alone tomorrow and I’m not there with you,
Just think of all the GOOD times and THAT will get you thru.

You raised me from a PUP, you did, and it was SO much fun.
And you made SURE we always had the BEST time in the sun.

I LOVED my pool, my sandbox too, and Josie was a HOOT!
I thought she was the COOLEST friend and lots of FUN to boot!

We MOVED out to the country where I could RUN and run,
And I DISCOVERED birds and woods and had a TON of fun!

There were OTHERS living with us but you could NOT deny,
That ALWAYS and forever I was your SPECIAL guy!

We were a TEAM just you and I, and ALWAYS did our best.
We struggled YEARS to get it right so WE could pass the test.

Remember when we TRAVELED, to places NEAR and far,
And where we went we tried our BEST to ALWAYS raise the bar.

There were times we MISSED the mark & REALLY blew the game,
But THOSE times we knew for sure we had the MOST to gain.

There was a TIME my name was called, I thought I’d have to go,
But your love was oh, SO strong, I stopped and said “no, NO”.

You SAT by me and stroked my head and CRIED so many tears.
And it was THEN I knew for sure we had a few more years.

We had a few more things to do, a few more tests to take.
But SOON I knew the time had come to MAKE that final break.

I passed the torch to Brita, who GLADLY took the lead.
And so I TAUGHT her all I knew so SHE was up to speed.

I taught her all the GOOD things, like how to bite REAL hard
BUT along the way I taught her the SECRETS of the yard.

The TRAILS I made along the fence, the ONES behind the woods
The CRITTERS in the wood piles and a PLACE to hide the goods.

Then it got HARD to even walk and VERY painful too.
So it became apparent and you KNEW just what to do.

It WAS so hard, I KNOW it was, but something we both knew,
Was that DEEP down in our hearts, that, NO.. I've not left you.

No matter where you EVER go I'm ALWAYS by your side.
So keep your ears and eyes ALERT for NOW I am your guide.

So WHEN you rise tomorrow, don't THINK we're far apart,
For every TIME you think of me, I'm right THERE, in your heart.

Here is a test
to find whether your mission on earth is finished:

you're alive, it isn't.
….Richard Bach

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