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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jake and others….

Gotta love the floppy ear…  Jake and Ari

IMG_0644    Growing Up (8)

It’s really hard to look innocent with string in your mouth….


When Ari was here he used to sit right where Brita and Jake are sitting.  It’s right outside of the porch and it’s the best place to get a view of the countryside for miles….and of course, to get the first sight of a car or truck going down the lane!  When I saw Brita and Jake I couldn’t get my camera fast enough.  I have never before seen her there.

IMG_0927 100_4098

And what is it about the dishwasher???   Jake in the first photo and Brita in the second.

IMG_0954 DSC00794

What’s a little baby gate… He didn’t even look at it like an obstacle!

2010-01-23 baby gate2

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