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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meet Jake….

Mike Williams (Brita’s breeder) called me to see if I was ready for a male... ...nnnooo   ...not in the plan...... so little time... not enough money...  Brita’s mom and Crack the dog he took to nationals who has many of the same dogs as Ari had in his pedigree... oohh...  last one in the litter.. a little smaller than the others.... "I'll send you a video" he said...

Went there on Saturday...  brought him home today(Sunday)... Drove most of the way home from Iowa in 30 degree fog and mist with the ice trucks out.  Made a stop in Edgerton for training and to meet the group.  He walked into training like he owned the place! 

Brita LOVES him and runs circles around him to play.  Kobie is fine with him and mostly ignores him but that will change…it’s her way.  Olivia has had the conversation with him that goes something like this..  "you leave me alone and I'll spare your life.."  lol  He understood...
 2010.1 Jake
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