Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why do they hide stuff?

From the time Brita was a puppy she would hide things.

Walking through the yard this spring picking up what appears when the snow melts, I regularly would come across toys, stuffed animals, squeakies, etc. half buried under leaves, under pine trees or in dirt.  I knew I woul2010.3.19 Brita hiding toys (10)d find some new things because her Christmas present disappeared immediately.  As soon as I gave it to her, downstairs she went and out through the dog door to bury it in the snow. Slowly but surely many things disappeared and I knew it was Brita because none of the other dogs ever hid anything. 

Until now… 

Enter Jake.  The slideshow below shows him methodically looking for a place to hide a treasured bone that he found and behind the toilet seemed like a perfect spot to him.  Before he decided on that spot he tried under 2010.1.27 Jake hiding bone (7) the bench and behind the bathroom door. He seemed totally oblivious to me taking pictures of him.  After he hid it, he came back regularly to check on it.  I have found bones “hidden” in the shower and toys tucked nicely under my pillows and in blankets.

In Brita’s slideshow, we are in the yard and have discovered a toy which she immediately takes and starts looking for another place to hide it. The first place is just not acceptable so she chooses the pine tree.  When I looked there after she was done, low and behold there was another one already there. Must be a favorite spot!

I have seen them both hide something, walk around a bit and then get it and hide it somewhere else.  What is going through their heads when they do this.  Now the question I have since Brita and Jake have the same mom…  is it inherited?  Hmmm….
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