Monday, April 5, 2010

Pet Insurance for Jake

I’ve had pet insurance in the past… actually years ago for Josephine.  More dogs, more cost (obviously) and the less likely a person is to have it.  So, it’s been years.  When I registered Jake with the AKC in the paperwork sent back was a 60 day free trial so I thought what the heck I might as well do it.  He was registered on January 22nd – 5 days after he came to live with me and that’s when the insurance began. 

Because the surgery happened during the 60 days I thought why not submit it. 
Well, I got a rejection letter..  sorry.. pre-existing condition.

Jake insurance claim outcome1 Jake insurance claim outcome2

So I went back and look closely at the original video and then took some screen shots…  hhmmm…..  what do you think…  a skeletal leg.  Shouldn’t there be muscle there?  He did have an abscess that was treated but would that cause his hip bone to protrude. 

Capture5 Capture3 Capture4

Then I looked at some shots the day after I brought him home.  He definitely had a hip bone that protruded which could have meant that something was wrong…  more than one person commented about it.

IMG_1253  IMG_0981 IMG_0982

Well… it’s too bad the insurance company didn’t talk to the breeder.  I’m sure he would have convinced them that it was not pre-existing since he knows absolutely that it didn’t happen when he had Jake and that he felt no responsibility to pay for anything that didn’t happen there….  hmmmm

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