Sunday, June 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

  • Why is it that I’ve had bamboo shades on the patio door for 5 years and no dog has touched them. Yesterday, the first day I used them to keep the sun out of the kitchen temporally, they were in Jake’s way so he took care of it. Hhhhmmm.. do I replace them or not?
  • Who knew that the water bucket that Jake carried on my bed last night had water in it…. And you notice things like that when you get IN bed.
  • I really need to be more careful and make sure the refrigerator door is closed before I walk away. Why would he pick the mustard container? And why would he take it, again, to my bed to chew on?
  • So now when Brita and Jake run up and surprise me I’m not sure who is who… Several times Jake appeared and I thought it was Brita. I can’t imagine having 2 black dogs the same size… how DO people tell them apart?
  • We have started the “EXCUSE ME” program. Jake thinks he should not have to move out of the way for anyone. Hello… MOVE when I say MOVE!
  • Jake is so skinny and I’m trying to feed him more, Who is putting on weight? Not him.. Brita… But then she DOES munch on yummies outside!

2010.5.28 Jake by Jason (5)

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