Sunday, July 18, 2010

St. Louis PSA Trial – The Motel

It had been 3 years since I was away overnight.  I made the commitment to stick around with Ari since he (1) because of his Addison’s disease wasn’t supposed to be in stressful situations and (2) because of his seizures and brain tumor couldn’t find his way back into the house at night.  As a result Miss Brita had not seen the inside of a motel much less stayed in one.
We arrived in St. Louis after a 9 hour drive filled with construction and traffic and got to the motel.  It was a Motel 6 and. in my experience, any Motel 6 I’ve stayed at had a door from the room straight to the outside so you could park right outside of your room.  This one was different.  It formerly had been a Holiday Inn they told me so to get to the room, we had to come inside the front entrance and go down a hallway.  hhhhmmmm…. 

Recently, I purchased a leash with a coupler but had only worked with the dogs on it once so I thought here is a test.  I was saying a silent prayer as I went in the door with 2 exuberant GSDs who had been crated all day that the people with the 3 little whatever-they-were dogs wouldn’t come out of a room or around a corner and surprise us. I told the people at the desk that if my dogs barked for any reason as we were coming in, that I had them under complete control and would immediately reprimand them but because there were German Shepherds that initially it may be loud. 

I am happy to report that they were extremely well behaved, sat as I asked prior to entering a door and before being petted. I was very proud.  Jake followed Brita’s lead so when I told them to “sit” and she did, he looked at her and did just that.  This was Friday night and all went well in and out.  Saturday I found a back door but there was an elevator ride down a floor to get out.  Jake took it in stride and Brita, well lets just say she wasn’t terribly fond of the feeling that the floor was dropping out from under her, even though as a puppy I introduced her to elevators and Jake I had not.

Saturday after the trial, we came back to the room and I decided to just stay in.  The heat index was 103 and I was happy to not have to go out in it.  As I was sorting through some photos on my computer the two of them started rolling around and playing on the bed and it was then that I took these pictures.  I had recently gotten a pocket camera and was testing it out and it also had a video recorder so I used that also.  The video below is 6 minutes of them playing and as I’m watching it after I’m done I’m thinking…  yet another video that only a MOM would watch through to the end!!  All in all…  they made me proud!!

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