Saturday, July 24, 2010

There’s a squirrel in my basement!!


I was taking a load of laundry downstairs before bed and got halfway down and saw it!  Flat on it’s back… dead as dead can be!  Little arms and legs out to the side…  I immediately turned around and came back upstairs.

“OK you guys,”  I said to the dogs..  “whoever brought this squirrel in is going to take it back out.” I shoved Brita and Jake (it was one of them and my money would be on Jake) to the landing at the top of the stairs and shut the door so they could go nowhere but downstairs.  I have another stairway through an unfinished part of the lower level that goes up to the garage and there is a dog door for them to go out to the fenced yard.

Yes, they are spoiled – 3 acres fenced in various sections and maybe an acre of woods in parts of it.  Certainly lots of trees for squirrels but I rarely see any.  Most are smart enough to stay away.  Not many rabbits either.  Someone posed the question – do they eat them or just take them out and bury them.  Well the answer is – it depends.  It depends on what dog it is.  Josephine would catch rabbits and eat them right in front of me or anyone else.  I remember she did that one time when I had her along at work.  She caught it and ran back to her crate to enjoy her catch.  Ari just watched.  He was a puppy then.  Then one time when Ari was a few years old he, with pride, brought me a rabbit freshly caught and not a mark on it and dropped it at my feet.  Before either of us knew what happened, Josephine swooped by, grabbing it as she went and enjoyed the treat without sharing.  And then there is Kobie who will catch, kill and eat any critter that is unfortunate enough to come through the fence.  I call her my hunter.  I’ve always said she could live in the wild but now with her pancreatic insufficiency there would be no one to put enzymes on her catches. Teddy didn’t seem to be interested in any part of critters outside and Olivia…  well do princesses really catch and eat their own food?  I think not.  So now it’s Brita and Jake who love to bury things (see previous post) so my guess is that would bury it.

So back to the current situation…  no go..  they were ignoring it as if it wasn’t there..  I decided to go into avoidance and just go to bed and hope it magically would be gone in the morning.  It wasn’t.  So, I called on the dog that was a sure thing…  Kobie.  As she trotted down the stairs she did a double take when she almost passed by “it”. Then she turned, grabbed it and ran outside.  I never saw the squirrel again and prefer to believe that she buried it….  however…  I’ve never seen Kobie bury anything!

Another friend asked if I took a picture… duh..  never gave it a thought.  I guess I’ll just have to put a picture of Kobie here.  I should have called this post “Kobie to the rescue!”

IMG_4150 IMG_4205   IMG_4165  IMG_4212

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