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The Devices

What does the hand-held device do to my pet?

The device reduces the subluxations present in the joints of your pet. It cannot create a subluxation in your pet. It can only flip the neuronal switches that are turned off, on. It cannot flip a switch off.

It provides very accurate and precise motion to specific areas of the pet's spine and if a subluxation is present, it can detect and reduce it quickly and without pain or injury. It can confirm that the neuronal subluxation is reduced even if it is not associated with an anatomical listing.

Can the device and VOM harm my pet?


The beauty of the VOM Technology is that it provides the exact amount of force to the subluxated joint needed to reduce the subluxation without having to induce a lot of motion.

It is motion that can potentially injure the animal: torsion, twisting, mass movement, etc. inherent in manual adjusting techniques. The device trades motion for speed to maintain the force needed to reduce the subluxation through Newton's Second Law of Motion (FORCE=MASS X ACCELERATION).

In over 35,000 animal adjustments including pets with fractures, tumors and acute spinal diseases, the animal has yet to be injured with the "device". (NOTE: Sometimes the adjustments may cause some minor pain or discomfort but does not produce enough movement to cause injury).

Why not just use your hands like
other Veterinary Chiropractors?

Because our hands are too slow. The fastest an excellent veterinary chiropractor can move a joint under optimum conditions and patient cooperation is 80 milliseconds. The animal's natural reflexive resistance to adjustment is 20 milliseconds or 4 times faster. This demonstrates the need for patient relaxation and cooperation and is the reason that excellent techniques is imperative for success using manual adjusting. Conversely, the device fires at a rate of 2-4 milliseconds, which is 5-10 times faster than the animal's ability to resist adjustment. The patient is always adjusted, every time, all the time, whether they want to or not, in any position, attitude or mood.

Can the same device be used on horses
and small animals alike?

Yes. In fact, the device allows the veterinary chiropractor to set the amount of force he or she would like to apply to the animal. Sometimes, depending on the size and weight of the horse, the practitioner may want to consider using a device specifically designed to treat the equine called the Equine Adjusting Tool, or E.A.T. This tool was developed by Dr. William Inman in order to deliver adequate force to these larger animals.
VOM Dual Adjusting Device

The VOM Dual Adjusting device is the basic tool in the VOM Diagnostic and Treatment Technology and Veterinary Neurologic Adjustment Procedures. It can be used on all animals from a parakeet to a draft horse and delivers exacting forces from 0.0lb to 93.5 lb/millisecond. This sturdy device can last for tens of thousands of cases and pays for itself the first time it is used.

VOM Adjusting Tool

The Veterinary Neurologic Adjusting Tool was developed to replace and enhance the applications of the hand-held devices. It increase the force needed to adjust certain areas of the domestic animals. Although the VOM Adjusting Devices can be used on the horse, it was found that complete diagnosis and treatment in most horses required more force and the Equine Adjusting Tool (no longer offered) was created. The Dual Tool, (see above) was created to replace both of them, and the VNA Tool can deliver 0.0-93.3 lb of force in half the time as the Dual Tool. It has a very accurate dial on the end that exactly selects the force needed to treat all animals. It  effectively replaces the Dual tool and all hand-held devices for animal adjusting. It has the advantage of firing in 1/2 the time of the other tools and benefits from increased sensitivity in the diagnostic phase. It requires electrical current, can be used off a car battery with an inverter. It can be fired thousands of times as fast as the practitioner can squeeze the trigger, all day long, This device is not only faster and more accurate than other devices, but it eliminates wrist and hand strain caused by the non-electric devices. Practitioners who try this tool never use their other hand-held adjustors unless in a back up capacity.

The Vetrostim™

The Vetrostim™ adjusting device is used exclusively in Veterinary Myofascial Release Technique. It is an electrically powered adjusting tool with a range from zero to 60 lb of thrust. It is microadjustable and has several treatment heads for various treatment techniques. This device is FDA approved and guaranteed for 17 years. The Vetrostim device can be used in place of all the adjusting devices used in the VOM Treatment Techniques and is also applicable to the VOM Diagnostic Techniques.

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