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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jake vs. Tunnel

Jake’s first adventure with jumping the tunnel was a tad amusing!   In the first photo he is sitting behind the tunnel ANXIOUSLY awaiting the ok to move…  Now he’s no dummy so in his head why go over when it is so simple to go around!
2010.11.20 Brita.Jake.Sierra-50 2010.11.20 Brita.Jake.Sierra-52 2010.11.20 Brita.Jake.Sierra-53
So now he must return to the beginning, sit and wait to be released…and he’s NOT happy! 
Note the nasty look or is he pouting!!  (priceless to a mom) Clicking the pictures will enlarge them by the way.

Another try and I think he realizes that timing is everything!
2010.11.20 Brita.Jake.Sierra-54a      2010.11.20 Brita.Jake.Sierra-57
Aaahhh..   a little motivation and reason to jump makes it so much better!! ….and back for more!
2010.11.20 Brita.Jake.Sierra-61 2010.11.20 Brita.Jake.Sierra-62 2010.11.20 Brita.Jake.Sierra-59
The next day…  like he’s been doing it all his life!
  DSC_0256  DSC_0297
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