Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why is there corn here?


So Why would I find corn a foot under ground when digging a hole?  Jake is interested also but may be more interested in Brita! 

2010-11-15 15.48.11   2010-11-15 15.47.32    2010-11-15 15.48.21     

2010-11-15 15.52.21        2010-11-15 15.52.29

I then got carried away looking at the trails and up at the trees! 
I’m so lucky to have this little patch of woods for me and the dogs…

  2010-11-15 15.51.15   2010-11-15 15.51.33   2010-11-15 15.50.47

   2010-11-23 16.04.03   2010-11-23 16.02.26   2010-11-23 16.14.05a

Well, corn is not what this post is about.  I made the decision to lay to rest Ari, Teddy, Olivia and Kobie on the ridge where Ari and Teddy already are.  They are a generation.  Josephine was first – 8 years their senior.  Brita and Jake are the next generation.  Each year one  of the 4 has left me and each fall I prepared buy digging a resting place, knowing it was coming and knowing it would be impossible if the ground were frozen.  So I’ve always had one extra spot ready and now the last two places are prepared HOPING that the girls won’t leave anytime soon.  Olivia is 11 1/2 years old and Kobie 9 years old.  The reality is it could happen any time but the good news is that there isn’t the certainty as there was the last 2 years with Ari and Teddy.  Both of them I expected to lose in the summer but they each hung around longer which was very good.  It, however, meant that the ground would be frozen and that’s why I needed to prepare… hard as it is, it’s what I want for these dog/friends of mine.  And, true to what happened in the past…  I waited until the day before snow was predicted to finish it up. 

Please read this answer to a question in a newspaper.  The question is “Where Shall I Bury My Dog?”

As a side note, Jake was less of a help on this digging adventure since he wanted to dig the dirt I removed and put it back!  He did help with removing the 30 plus rocks that I encountered and when we found another ear of corn, he took off with it to play!




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