Sunday, May 8, 2011

Goodbye Kobie-Girl

P1050184You were my sunshine  ….My cheery sunshine.
You made me happy …..when skies were grey.
You never knew girl how much you meant to me
And now that sunshine has quickly gone away….

Kobie, you were the peacemaker around the house always trying to make things right and to please.  I called you my guardian angel always looking out for me.  You were the “black dog” that my mother referred to right before she crossed.  Little did I realize how much she liked black dogs and when we travelled east with you, Olivia and Teddy, it was you who brought her the most joy – so much so that during the service for her, the minister mentioned how “Lil” talked about the “black dog” who came to visit.

I loved watching you trot across the yard.  You were so light on your feet and so graceful and made it look effortless.  You had the same gait when you were herding sheep and you looked so beautiful… and then…  what..  you were chasing a butterfly… heck with the sheep!  I know that you will continue to bring joy to all those who crossed before and you’ll show them the right way to run across those fields of green and flowers.
 Kobie (2)
RIP Miss Kobie…. 
Kobie CGC, Therapy Dog, BH, CD, UCD, HIC, RN

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Kobie was a Shiloh Shepherd with a lifespan of 9-11 years. She had Pancreatic Insufficiency also know as EPI.  Because her pancreas did not produce enzymes to digest her food, Kobie had to have her food soaked in pancreatic enzymes for it to be digested.  She was always hungry so it was not beneath her to catch critters in the yard for lunch or eat the pears and apples from the trees…. neither the critters or the fruit had enzymes, of course.  The vet speculated that there most likely was an underlying reason such as bone cancer or osteoporosis for the humerus bone to break as it did and that recovery from surgery could be long and painful.  Because of Kobie’s age and condition I made the decision to say goodbye.  It was heartbreaking as you would expect.  Today, May 8, 2011, she was laid to rest next to her buddy, Ari.  I miss her already. 
DSC04439 DSC03941
Monday May 9th.  Conversation with Marilyn
Kobie came running and was very light and floaty – a good feel and a good spirit.  She flopped over on her back, rolled over and popped back up.  She has a sense of freedom and she’s good where she is.  Looks likes she is with Ari or another dog who looks like Ari and they are running, playing chasing games and rolling over.

She knows it would have been rehab her whole life.  Olivia is coming soon but she had to stay behind to keep the energy smooth and relax it because her exit was so dramatic and traumatic.  Olivia's crossing will be much calmer.

Plant flowers she’s saying. (Are there special flowers you plant Marilyn asks) Yes..  well she’s telling you to plant flowers…

100_4936   100_4938

Here is Kobie at the beginning of a roll over and then back up again! 
Running, playing and rolling was definitely she liked to do!

So what really happened?  We’ll never know exactly but when I came in from outside where I had been mowing, Kobie came dragging herself out of the bathroom covered with blood aIMAG0726nd her right front leg was hanging lifeless.  There was a hole in the wall right where she would have turned to go into the hallway and it was right at her shoulder level.  That’s where the blood started and it continued into the bathroom when she was. Even though it looked like a lot of blood, she didn’t continue bleeding.   We suspect that she came running around the corner at top speed (playing chase with another dog??) and her shoulder went into the wall. The hole is 3 inches round and pushed in over an inch.  The large bone was broken in half and pulled away from the shoulder.  It would have required surgery with pins and major rehabilitation.  Kobie was almost 10 and her lifespan is estimated to be 9-11 years. It was with all of this in mind that the decision was made.   We drugged her with doggy pain meds I keep on hand and took her in very early to help her cross over where no doubt Ari was waiting for her.

Memorials of Kobie’s former housemates.
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