Friday, May 13, 2011

And then there was one…..

The Three Amigos…  all long coat shepherds… all came into my life in a years time.  There was Teddy who came to me in March of 2001 and was just over a year old.  Olivia showed up 6 months later and six months after that I was blessed yet again when Kobie came into my life.  Their stories are documented here:IMG_4639

I remember fondly a trip to PA not long after Kobie joined us to see my mother in a nursing home.  They would get so excited and feed off of each other and when we traveled home the long way through upstate New York to do some sheep herding, I would back the van up to a motel room, open the door and let them run in!  It was there that they were tested for herding and Teddy became know as the sheep chaser (it’s hard to look innocent with wool in your mouth). Kobie was beautiful to watch… very smooth but oh, so easily distracted (“this is lots of fun but hey wait… there is a butterfly over there”).   And the first time Olivia saw the sheep she couldn’t stop trembling.  Since we weren’t sure what would happen I was told to hold on to the line (sheep cost $100 and that’s what you pay if your dog decides to have one for lunch).  A minute or so after getting in the pen we realized that she was truly a natural at it but did everything way too fast – must have been all that nervous energy!

So… here a a post that was originally written in 2005 that I posted a few years ago.  The Three Amigos   What awesome dogs and SO beautiful!  Oops… Teddy was HANDSOME, the girls were BEAUTIFUL!

Below are photos taken when we we planting flowers.  Olivia chose to help, Kobie was happy watching and Teddy..  well he liked the pool… wait it’s a sandbox…  no… it’s both!

DSC04073     DSC03903   

Teddy and Brita-117

So now… May 2011… there is one… Olivia.. almost 12 years old… and , my guess is that it won’t be long and they will be together again…



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