Sunday, March 6, 2011

…the old ladies….

…..are living a life of luxury…  note the lowered agility table that provides a step to the rug covered (so it’s not cold) cushy leather couch!  Olivia will be 12 and Kobie will be 10… and don’t miss her in the third photo… black dogs on black couches don’t show up well! 

IMAG0374   IMAG0369   IMAG0373  

Had a terrible time getting them to settle down they were so excited and the pictures of them bouncing up and down were a blur…  they were pretty excited when they realized how easy it would be to walk on the couch.  Kobie was fine before but Olivia could hardly pull herself up because it was too high to jump!! …and so this solved the problem for her!!   And she DOES love her fuzzy duck Christmas present!!





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