Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring is a week away… really?!?


IMAG0476   IMAG0482   IMAG0483   IMAG0488   IMAG0489   IMAG0493   IMAG0496   IMAG0498   IMAG0502   IMAG0504   IMAG0505   IMAG0507   IMAG0513   IMAG0524

All the pictures were taken with my phone because I wasn’t going to TAKE pictures so I left my real camera in the house.  The snow was HARD and I think it eventually bothered Brita’s pads.  The first 6 pictures are of Brita, then there is Jake and the last picture is of Kobie and Olivia.  Olivia happily pranced out, went 10 feet and looked as me as if to say “this is NOT fun”! 



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