Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's never easy....

....saying goodbye...  When one person grieves the loss of a dog we all grieve.   We remember past losses and what we went through during those times.  Grief is like an injury that heals over time but forever changes us.  This weekend Marilyn Tokach, who has helped so many people through the hard times when they were saying goodbye,  lost her special friend, Portia.  Please click here to read her tribute to Portia and about their life together.   Marilyn's tribute to Portia.

Portia  RIP Miss Portia

May 8, 2000 - July 15, 2011

Somewhere a journey begins at the end of the worldly existence we know,
Somewhere a path stretches over the stars and rivers of memories flow…
Somewhere a silence is heard far away and the brightness of day fills the night,
Where the trials of life are resolved into peace when a soul finds its way to the light.






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