Saturday, July 30, 2011

So…what DO I feed my dogs?

An assortment of food, that’s what!

The Animal Naturals and Brewers yeast and Garlic is in powder form so I soak their food with the vitamins on it.  At their evening meal I make enough for morning and then stuff some in a Kong, put it in a stainless steel bowl, put some more liquid around it if needed and freeze it!  Do they love that!

What don’t I feed my dogs…  kibble other than Flint River Ranch and especially kibble that has “byproducts” in the ingredients, regular dog biscuits (I say “no thank you” at the bank), grapes, raisins, chocolate, cooked bones and rawhide, greenies and that kind of pet store treat…

So here are some pictures.  Brita would gulp her food all the time and Jake was starting to do it also.  I saw the picture of the dog bowl to slow down eating for I can’t remember how many $$ and thought it looked remarkably like a ring pan so off to the thrift shop I go.  It kinda worked but do you know how quickly a German Shepherd can destroy one of those aluminum pans??   Then I can across a bundt pan – solid, won’t scratch and has little crevices that make it hard to get the food out and WOW..  this is my favorite!!  Under $1 at St. Vinnies!  My second favorite is below but it’s lots easier for the dogs to eat fast so…  again…  to slow them down… Kongs to the rescue!  Now they each get a kong in their dish filled with food in addition to one in the morning!


Slow feed dog bowl    Ring mold for coffee cake     IMAG0427   


IMAG0432       IMAG0428       


That’s about it!  If I forgot something I’m sure I’ll remember it after I’ve gone to bed!

As a post script.  Brita used to be really stressed at mealtime – pretty much drove me nuts.  Kobie would sit at the kitchen counter (in a beautiful sit I might add) staring at her food bowl as the enzymes for her pancreatic insufficiency soaked into her food.  The dynamics in my house have now changed without Kobie and Brita will “settle” quietly in the kitchen along with Jake while I prepare the food…  interesting, huh?

3-1-12  As another post script – all those bowls above – done – gone – chewed…  This is the latest….  Nordicware classic – platinum collection heavy duty… made of “Heavy Cast Aluminum”  he has yet to make a dent in it!!   And I’ve become the queen of freezing kongs with food in them!


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