Sunday, February 19, 2012

Name that Dog Series

Often I have a picture that reminds me of a picture of another dog I took in the past so I started doing posts called Name that Dog.  When it went up to three I decided that the series needed a link on the sidebar!
  1. Name That Dog! – Ari and Jake (bitework, standing and head shot on couch)
  2. Name that Dog Again!  Jake, Brita and Bob’s puppy.
  3. Name that Dog – Volume 3! – 2 fuzzy dogs looking up (Joanne’s dog and Olivia), the “look” (Ari and Jake) and Jake and his papa.
There will be more, I’m sure.  None of the pictures were taken with the intention of having them look like another picture…  it just happened!!

This is from the first one and what started it all.  Jake on left, Ari on right.  None of the other dogs have even stood like that.  Obvious difference in coloring and head shape but it’s the position I was looking at.  Jake is young…  maybe a year old and Ari is 8 years old.

2010.11.20 Brita.Jake.Sierra-73s         DSC08169a
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