Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Winnie at the dog wash

Since I was going into town today I volunteered to take Winnie to the Soggy Doggy Dog Wash on 47 near Shopko in Menasha. She was a pretty dirty girl and needed to be spiffed up before Thanksgiving! 

This is what I wrote to her mom as I was leaving the dog wash.   and when we got there I said Winnie needs to see Lisa

Let's just say first of all that no one was hurt, no one slipped on the floor that was covered with shampoo when the bottle flew out of my hand and I was able to clean up even though I didn't have to. However, I didn't attempt to wipe the water off the ceiling.  They really need to give out more than 2 towels for times like this.  Whatever made me think that my super-duper rain gear used in sailing and pouring rain would keep me dry I don't know but luckily I had a change of clothes in the van.  It's not really her fault, you know,  I should have been more insistent on getting her used to it before she was a year old.  I no longer think I need to work out when I get home.  We're leaving now and 2012-11-21 15.39.11will be there shortly.  If you like us you'll put Copper in the run ...  I don't think either of us has the energy left to greet her.... we'll make up for it, tell her... I brought her a pig's ear from the bakery.

PS...  2012-11-21 15.59.56and I got the door to the dog wash back on it's hinges after I pulled it off AND Winnie didn't strangle herself swinging around when I hooked her up in the tub.  In many ways she reminds me of Kobie and this is yet another example! 

2012-11-21 15.41.08

In the photo to the right Winnie is planning her escape.  I should have foreseen a problem when I had to lift her into the room.  And above is the wonderful “tub” with the door I managed to take off by the hinges that I also had to lift her into.




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