Saturday, November 24, 2012

Brita’s Health Challenges

Brita’s 6 now.  Just turned 6 last week.  Had she not had surgery for lumbosacral stenosis, she most likely wouldn’t have been here today.  She was going downhill pretty fast in May and by the 3rd week in June she couldn’t jump in the side of my van without crying.  It was surgery or manage increasing pain until it was unbearable and then say goodbye.  Today she shows no sign of the pain she had and has gotten much of her muscle back on her rear.  I thought it would be good to put links to the posts together so anyone else who may be going through this with their dog will be able to see what we went through. 

Cauda Equina Syndrome
Well wishers from Facebook!
Brita’s journey
Day 1 after surgery
Day 2 after surgery

At this point, I went into the hospital to repair the broken hip I had walked on for 2 weeks.  Brita made a speedy recovery and within a few months acted like nothing was ever wrong.  What a blessing to be able to fix her.  And thank goodness for pet health insurance or I would be paying on the $4000 bill for a long time. 

This wasn’t the first surgery Brita had.  When she was 6 months old her lower canines were growing in the wrong way and poking a hole in the roof of her mouth.  Here is her dentist.

So in total, she’s had 3 surgeries – these 2 and her spaying and she’s come through all with a positive attitude – but then, dogs don’t feel sorry for themselves, do they? 

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