Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jake learns to dig…

….in the right place!  Ari was a digger – in both water and sand.  He had a sandbox from the time he was a puppy and I never had a problem with him digging in places where he shouldn’t because he was taught to dig in his sandbox.  When the snow melted and Ari’s sandbox surfaced, Jake knew instantly what to do!  He started digging so I started saying DIG!  What fun…and great exercise for him. 

These first photos are Ari as a puppy.  I forgot how dark he was.  The first picture was in New Jersey when we were visiting my cousin shortly after I got him.  The second one was from the same trip but in PA visiting my daughters.  Of course, he then had to have his own sandbox and swimming pool ….  for the rest of his life!! 

Growing Up (5) Growing Up (14) Growing Up (4)Growing Up (44)

These are some screen shots of Jake taken from the video below.


This video of Jake is one only a mom could watch for 6 minutes!  What a guy!h

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