Monday, January 17, 2011

Olivia trying to rest..


So first it was Brita who has always kept her face clean and now is no exception.   So there is Olivia sleeping, Brita sniffing, Brita licking, Olivia sits up, Brita licks some more and Olivia back down for a snooze with her duckie.


   IMG_7671    IMG_7673    IMG_7674     IMG_7676    IMG_7678    IMG_7684

Next is Jake…  an hour later… Olivia snoozing, Jake gently sniffing, Olivia waking up, Jake backing off and Olivia snoozing again!


      IMG_7689     IMG_7691     IMG_7692     IMG_7693     IMG_7699


By default she is the head of the pack… a reluctant leader but they all give her respect!


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