Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh my gosh.. it’s 1-1-11

All those ones!  What's with that? Did you know that in 2011 we also have 1-11-11 and 11-1-11 - MORE ones! 

In numerology, there are three double digit numbers known as Master numbers that are said to possess more potential than others and 11 is the most intuitive of not just those numbers but all numbers.

A string of ones may symbolize a time of giving and humanitarian endeavors.  Native cultures around the world agree about the changing of the world in 2011 as we know it and that there is a great opportunity to make a difference and help the global community by working together.  The fact that the series of numbers comes together three times in one year may be shouting at us to pay attention.  Three is a number of completeness...  is this symbolism or an opportunity?

As we all are aware, as human beings we have free will so we can choose to better ourselves by:

  • taking care of our health and mind,
  • being tuned in to the needs and wants of others whether it's in our home, business or community and
  • by shifting our energy more positively, whether it's locally or globally with acts of humanitarian kindness.

I have a friend that I've known for almost 20 years.  Now that her children are grown, for the last 2 years, she has gone to Ghana to help at an orphanage. Here is something she said when describing the photos she took:

"They are incredible children.  You will notice that nearly all are smiling.  They're so happy with so little. It's such a gift for me!!!"

So think about the numbers, your life and what you choose to do with it. Certainly we can't all do, or would we choose to do, what my friend did but we all have some way we can make a difference. 

The world is changing.  Are we going to change with it or are we not?  Free will.  It can be a curse or a blessing but it is a choice, and it's our choice.  1-1-11 can be the BEST year so far in our personal or business life.  It can be a year filled with opportunity and fulfillment.  It is a time to leave the past behind and embrace new endeavors and look forward to the future.

Happy New Year 2011

ps…  I started to notice series of numbers when I retired Ari on 7-7-7.  Ari had almost died 5 months before and I finally accepted the fact that his competition career was over.  I decided to do one last trial as closure and headed off to Bourbonnais, IL on 7-7-7.  Now when I went there it was July 7th and I didn’t put the numbers together but at some point after the fact. I realized the date and did a little investigating.  There is so much written about numbers but what I take away from 7-7-7 is “perfect completion”.  He was an amazing dog.  We had a blast that day competing in level 2 of PSA and it is a day I’ll never forget..  

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