Monday, January 3, 2011

There it was….

…sticking straight up from the frozen ground…  the arm (or leg) of a small stuIMAG0232ffie that “some dog” (who shall remain unnamed but you can read more about it here.. “Why do they hide stuff?” ) most likely buried.  Last week was warmer and then it froze so this little red arm was anchored in the ground.   Recognizing it as one of Olivia’s favorites I thought to myself: “how hard could it be to dig it out?” 

So first I got a scissors…  hacked and dug and hacked and dug…  no luck..

Then I got one of those IMAG0233things to loosen ground in the summer time…    no luck.. 

Each one brought me a little closer to freeing that special little stuffie for Olivia but not yet.   






And then I bent it… that last thing I used which is also to dig out stuff in the summer…  ok, so I was trying to leverage it by putting it under the stuffie and then standing on it but no amount of pressure was going to break up that ground/ice mixture surrounding it.  This last picture is a better shot of the bent tool…  That was it..  done..  I had spend 2o minutes on this and I was done…

Sorry, Olivia..  I guess you’ll just have to be satisfied with your other 15 stuffies that surround you on a daily basis!! 


Oh… and does it look remarkably like the red toy that is in this photo taking at Christmas??






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