Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chickens and Sheep and Goats, oh my…..

…Go ahead…  ASK ME… isn’t this a blog about dogs?  

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Two sheep are missing and some of the chickens.. ….and Jake the rooster is gone… thank God! 

OK… so here’s the answer..  I have friends and we help each other.  We both have German shepherds so when I am away (in the summertime usually) they stop by and feed my dogs who are not with me.  This year was the second year I’ve checked in on their critters over Christmas so they could go to Madison to be with family.  4 dogs, 3 pigmy goats, 2 wooly sheep, 1 miniature donkey (you can almost hear the music, huh!) and a whole flock of chickens! We live 2 miles apart and less as the crow flies but since I don’t go the way the crow goes it’s takes me a whopping 5 minutes to get to their place! 

So I decided to take some pictures with my phone..  it wasn’t the greatest lighting but you have an idea…  I need to take more when (1) it’s warm and (2) it’s lighter out and (3) my friends are home to give me names! 

So anyway….. That’s what neighbors are for – to help each other out!!  Sure glad Jake the rooster was gone…  he was mean they say!  

PS…  a little about Jake…  he was famous you know….  



Jake the Rooster from Michael King on Vimeo.

Feb. 5, 2009  News » 'Jake the Rooster' will have to crow elsewhere

"Jake the Rooster" will have to take his crowing outside of the city of Neenah. After looking at various options over the last few months, the city council decided last night to ban roosters in the city.

A family on E. Wisconsin Ave. owns "Jake" and a neighbor complained about the crowing.
Alderwoman Marge Bates supported the ban, which the council approved on a 7-2 vote. She says they're farm animals, and belong on a farm. Bates also voted against a proposal that would "grandfather Jake in," under the existing rules. That idea failed, 7-2.
People can still apply for a permit to have a chicken coup in the city, as long as they don't have a rooster.

The family that owns Jake will have 30 days to decide what to do with him. Some people have come forward, offering to take the rooster in.




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