Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

…..from over the years…  First Josephine and Ari, then Olivia and Ari.  In the group we’ve added Tori and Teddy and Kobie is by herself.  The first reindeer is Olivia at 10.5 years old and the others are Brita.  Guess I better get my camera….  Jake is missing!!

Arismovie-12   2009 Christmas.11   Xmas photo 2003C    2009 Christmas.12-1     Xmas photo 2003B2009 Christmas-21   2009 Christmas-5   2009.12.9 Blizzard Brita yard (8)a

12.24.08 More Snow Dogs.08-34

Click here for more “snow dogs” photos of Ari and Brita from December 24, 2008.




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