Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who said dogs don’t have expressions….

.......the many faces of Jake...

    2010.11.20 Brita.Jake.Sierra-54a   IMG_7380   DSC_0302a2010.11.20 Brita.Jake.Sierra-50a    2010.11.20 Brita.Jake.Sierra-93a  2010.11.20 Brita.Jake.Sierra-36   2010.5.28 Jake by Jason (5)   2010-10-09 11.07.23   2010.8.28 Jake 10 mo.2a   2010.11.20 Brita.Jake.Sierra-57a    2010.11.20 Brita.Jake.Sierra-35a    DSC_0207a     DSC_0336a   IMG_3998   2010.5.Jake.6.5.mo.-13  2010.5.Jake.6.5.mo.-1    IMG_7481
And more added May 2011…. I like the middle one..  “could I look any cuter” I’m sure he’s thinking…
IMG_8419  IMG_8433  IMG_8430
And there are more….
IMG_8309a  IMG_8306a  IMG_8307a






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