Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2010.2.10 What the dogs say…


What happened?  He shows a picture of being stepped on and squished by something large or it looked large to him because he was really little perhaps only few weeks old (3 or less),.  It could have been his mother rolling over on him when he was lying on his back.  Sometimes there is pain or he feels like it goes where it’s not supposed to go but sometimes he doesn’t notice it especially when he is still. He is good about getting it fixed and yes, he knows he overdoes it at times. He also has pain and achiness in his rear left leg around the middle below the knee.  It’s a tingly feeling probably from overdoing it.


He’s very glad he is with me but is sorry to cause me stress and trouble (he didn’t realize that it was going to cause of all of this stress).  He feels that after the surgery he will need therapy such as swimming or message or alternative therapy because his whole body is crooked.


Were we together before?  Yep!  “You knew that” (to me) and “you knew that too” (to Marilyn) Marilyn said: “I know I knew that but you didn’t want me to tell her” and he said “Thank you for that, but you recognized me when you saw the picture” and Marilyn said “yep (to me… you sent me that black and white picture of the white dog) and when I saw the picture I said who is that..  oh…that is the dog I just talked to.”  He is a different dog this time and back for a difference experience. 


Regarding the dogs in the household… nothing special.  He feels like he is home. He is happy to be back and is showing pictures of him licking me all over.   He is flashing back and forth.  Everything is fine and everything will be taken care of.



He’s fun.  She treats him like a brother. She says that he doesn’t know as much as she does but also he is headstrong.  She reminded me to not forget about her because she likes to do stuff and she likes to work.



How are you doing?  She’s ok, her head itches.  I mentioned she stopped biting when we lost Teddy, then started when we lost Ari and now when Jake came, she stopped again. She said she was nervous in interim with tension going on.   Regarding Jake - he’s cute, his antics are cute, gets away with murder and is funny to watch! 



How do you feel about Jake?  She is not as amused as Olivia.  There is aloofness, she doesn’t feel he is a pest just tries to ignore him – not to worry, when he is older, she’ll kick his butt.  She seems to be really happy for me now.  I asked about her and Brita and she said that Brita’s not nearly as bad as she thought she was.  There is calmness in house now and everything seems in order even with Jake there. It’s more balanced than it has been in a long time.  Her health is ok.



It’s going well, he’s good and feels and looks good. He likes what’s going on at the house.  I asked if he knew whether Tori crossed and he said she was with him like a ghost - like a flash, there and gone.



Marilyn can’t tell if she is alive or dead and said that maybe we’re not supposed to connect.



He is very handsome and proud and confident….big brown eyes.   He said that I’m progressing beautifully, taking everything in stride and growing every day.  He said that I should remember to breathe and be careful not to go go go all the time.  There is better opportunity to take care of me since it’s more balanced in the house.



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