Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jake-thoughts about this whole thing..

He was a happier puppy today but still didn't put weight on it and was pretty pitiful when he fell backwards trying to get on the couch.. :(  …so as they say… hindsight is 20/20…here are some recollections…

  • 2009.10.20 DOB
  • 2009.12.1 …or so..  Mike said he was treated for a wound. He was about 5 weeks old. There was pus and it had abscessed and vet came there for treatment.  It was on the same leg as the wound now so there is some question as to whether or not it was related.
  • 2010.1.17 – he was mine… activities are documented in other posts but we were having fun!
  • 2010.1.19 or so…  I did notice his right hip was more prominent than the left but didn’t pay much attention to it because puppies grow weird sometimes anyway.  He had such sturdy front legs I noticed.  These photos show what I mean.  The first one was 1/20 and the second one was the next day.

IMG_0643 2010.1.20am.brita (8)

IMG_0981 IMG_0982 IMG_1251


  • Bunny hopping – another thing I noticed ---

2010.1.20am.brita (37) 2010.1.20pm.brita.jake.Brita (14)

  • 2010.1.27 – vet check – went well but he wouldn’t let Dr. Jeff rotate his hips..  flat out wouldn’t!  He told me to watch him.  I assured him that I wasn’t worried about hips because he comes from a good line of dogs whose hips are good.  I sent him the pedigree when I got home.  In hindsight – an injury never occurred to me.
  • 2010.1.29 – I started noticing something wrong in Jake’s back end.  Having been tuned in to Ari’s ups and downs for 7 months I notice now even small changes.  What stuck me was the fact that Jake’s right leg looked smaller than the other one.
  • 2010.1.31 – Training today and I asked several people to note Jakes back end because I thought something was wrong.  Unfortunately, I forgot to ask what they saw before I left. 
  • 2010.2.1 – Now I’m concerned because the leg looks anorexic  - like Ari’s did when he stopped using it.  The bones were obvious and the muscle mass was not nearly that of the other side.
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