Monday, February 8, 2010

Off to Madison with Jake

Today was the appointment with Dr. Link in Madison.  He had performed a femoral head excision on my Teddy years ago and I know how successful that was so I was comfortable going to him again. 

After looking at the x-rays, Dr. Link determined that Jake “has an old fracture of the pelvis on the right ischium going into the acetabulum and the femoral head and neck were damaged with demineralization of the head.”  He also said that Jake “will be in need of a femoral head excision.”  This is in line with what other vets have said.

So, we have an appointment 2 weeks from now on February 22nd.  I’m told in 2 months he will be just about ready to do anything.  Walking initially will be the best thing and then swimming will be great physical therapy.  I took Teddy to the Referral Clinic for physical therapy but since Jake is so small I plan to find a tub of some sort big enough for him to swim, get him a life jacket so he’ll feel secure and let him swim away.  Why.. oh.. why did I sell my Softub.  It would have been perfect!  Anyone got one they don’t want??

Info on a Femoral Head and Neck Excision.

By the way…  although I can tell his leg bothers him, Jake is active and playing and a very happy guy harassing the girls here!   Oh… and generally helping around the house, especially with washing the dishes and cleaning the refrigerator!

IMG_1251             IMG_0987

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